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The city of Yokohama was normal as usual. Even with the sun having began rise from the horizon beginning the cool morning. The streets were filled with people and vehicles which were trying to get to places that involved business or had something to do with family.

Standing tall near Tokyo Bay was the cities infamous tower the Yokohama Marine Tower. Its tall structure stood where it was, towering over all the other structures surrounding it.

That's when the city got interrupted.

Rising out from the Tokyo Bay, a green ape like creature set foot on land, water pouring down from the body. His presence alarming the screams of citizens as they ran for their lives. The garguatua known as Gaira had came to feast on his favorite food.


Walking further into the city. Gaira looked down at the fleeing civilizations with a look of satisfying hunger in his eyes. Already he was craving their fresh meat despite having not tasted their blood yet.

Reaching down the green gargantua grabbed some unlucky civilian's as they began to scream in terror. Gaira inching his prey closer to his mouth.

Just as they were within reach of being chomped down. That's when a reptilian form erupted forth from the ground below Gaira's feet slamming into him. The green garguatua shrieked in pain letting go of the people who began to fall only to stop when they all found themselves in the palm of Gomora!

Gomora scowled glaring at the beast before looking down at the people he had saved from Gaira's ravenous hunger. Normally Ultraman would be here to protect Japan but he was needed somewhere in United States by the U.S. government where an monster attack unlike any before had taken place and so the hero enlisted Gomora in protecting the innocents filling him in until he returned. Being a close friend of his. Gomora of course didn't refused and so here he was now defending humans that Ultraman tended to do.

The group of people were utterly confused that some dinosaur randomly came out of nowhere and saved them yet at the same time though were grateful just as Gomora gently placed them safely on the ground where they then ran off to find sanctuary until the whole ordeal blows.

Turning his attention to Gaira. Gomora bellowed out a roar. Gaira was infuriated. Here he was, ready to dig his teeth into his food when this pest had to come along and made him lose it. Then second thoughts came to him. This foe seemed much bigger and would make a more suitable meal.

Without warning the green gargantua lunged at Gomora. By the split second Gomora was able to react quick enough to duck down as Gaira missed. Before the green gargantua knew it. Gomora lunged his nasal horn into Gaira's chest and heaved him over his head, sending his foe flying as he crashed into the streets.

Wasting no time. Gomora leapt on top of Gaira and began a throw a volley of swipes and punches, leaving various gashes on the green gargantua where the dinosaur struck.

Having just had enough. Gaira lashed out his arms and grabbed the both sides of Gomora's horns. Caught off-guard by this. The dinosaur tried to break free from the grip but Gaira held on firmly as he kneed the dinosaur in the gut, wind knocked out of Gomora's lungs along with forcing him to get off. Getting up on his two feet, the green gargantua slammed the dinosaurs face to the ground, pavement and concrete skyrocketing to the air in the process.

Gaira instincts insisted to him to keep grinding his foes face to the ground and with his immense physical strength kept pressing Gomora's face further into the earth while still holding onto the side horns. Gomora violently struggled and writhed until finally taking all of his strength suddenly broke free forcing Gaira to stagger back.

Pulling himself back to his own feet. Gomora clashed his fists together then raised his arms up roaring as he came charging at Gaira. The green gargantua stopped the dinosaur at a halt grabbing onto his sides, the nasal horn just mere inches away from his gut. The two monsters struggled with one another. Gaira trying to stop Gomora from charging, while Gomora tried with all his might to sink his horn in. As it seemed they were equal. Gaira lost his grip allowing Gomora to jab it into his flesh, fresh blood spurting out from the newly formed wound inflicted by the dinosaur.

Rearing up, the dinosaur skidded his horn upwards inside the green ape like creatures flesh grinding through it and leaving a deep gash from the middle of his stomach to the chest, more blood oozed out.

Horn coated in the green gargantua's blood. Gomora gazed his eyes towards Gaira awaiting the next move. Roaring animalistically wild like. Gaira collided his body with Gomora's. Both monsters began to pummel each other with each blow of their own. It continued until Gaira did something unpredictable. Biting down into Gomora's arm. The dinosaur squealed as the green gargantua sank his fangs into Gomora's flesh, before he had the chance to tear out a chunk. Gomora delivered a sucker punch to Gaira's face, powerful enough to pry his mouth off, then with a swipe of his mighty tail, sent Gaira tumbling as he toppled to his side.

Activating his leg muscles, Gomora sprang into the air and came back crashing down on top of Gaira. Roaring, Gaira felt some of his bones crack as the dinosaur landed on him before instantly stepping off and delivering a kick to his face forcing him onto his back.

Gomora felt it was time to unleash his ultimate weapon...

The Super Oscillatory Beam.

The nasal horn sitting on his nose began to glow building up energy when a flowing energy of red flew directly towards Gaira, upon impact the green garguatua shrieked out feeling the beam scorching his flesh as chunks blew off from his body. Glancing his beam, the force of it was enough to blow off Gaira's left arm which slightly soared next to Gomora's feet. Gaira breathed heavily as Gomora towered over him. Ready to to finish him off.

When all of a sudden Gomora felt something crawling up him.

The severed right arm of Gaira came to life and while Gomora was too busy with Gaira came to his host's aid by attacking the dinosaur. As it grabbed the nape of Gomora neck. The living arm began to squeeze as hard as possible to rupcture the insides. Gomora squealed shaking around trying to get the living arm off.

With his foe distracted. The green gargantua stood up and thought about it while watching. Considering the state he was in, he'd have to enter his territory if he wanted to win this. Decided he ran towards Gomora grabbing him along with the arm still holding onto the dinosaur while smashing into some smaller buildings in the process that got in the way. The next thing Gomora knew it. Gaira had brought him into Tokyo Bay, his terrain creating a large splash from both their combined bodies upon entering the water.

Gaira instantly could feel his strength fully rejuvenating him, coursing through his veins and body once more thanks to the water surrounding them.

Gomora found himself in trouble as the severed arm continued to stay latched onto him, deciding that there was no other way, he flipped himself onto his back crashing it against the floor of the shallow bay allowing the arm to release itself. Just as Gomora was going to destroy it. He was grabbed by Gaira who pushed him under the surface, even with just his remaining arm. Gomora came to notice he was magnitudes stronger than ever for some reason, it was to that point, he couldn't even free himself. Gaira kept his upper body up above surface in hopes of drowning his foe.

Air escaped from Gomora's jaw, water filling them in and his lungs. He was beginning to drown, his life flashing before his eyes, all his vision could see was water surrounding him along with the blurred image of the green ape like creature's reflection above the bay's water who had him at his mercy. Despite despite close to the verge of death. The dinosaur wasn't going to give in. If only he can manage to breach his head out to the surface. Maybe could he get out of this.

Using the reminder of his strength and willpower alone. A course of new found physical empowerment entered Gomora's well being. Breaking the surface exposing his face. Gomora fired yet again his beam striking Gaira's face. Loosening his grip, the green gargantua freed Gomora as he covered his face, the beam having gotten in his eyes. Since Gaira was defenseless at the moment. Gomora took this opportunity to his advantage.

Kneeing down he put his powerful claws to work digging into the bay's ground creating a tunnel as he dug into the earth. The pain ceased to exist as Gaira recovered. Looking around he spotted his foe tunneling away. Not willing to give the dinosaur a chance. The green ape like creature tried to reach him but by the time he whipped his arm out, Gomora had completely vanished. Gaira roared in anger. Placing his arm into the tunnel to stretch it as far in as he could, he felt nothing. Gomora was too far in it.

Gaira looked around for a few moments. Minutes passed. By this time of not seeing Gomora surface. He figured that his foe had to have retreated. He may have lost the potential of gaining a bigger meal but on the bright side, nothing would get in his way of him dining on his favorite food now that the dinosaur was out of the way.

Returning to shore. The green gargantua was about to search for some humans when all of a sudden Gomora burst from the ground in front of him jabbing his nasal horn into Gaira's chest beginning to pump energy into him. Shocked by this unexpected event. Gaira held in all his might not to shriek and quickly retaliated by grabbing Gomora and pulling his horn out before tossing him back. Angered that he was fooled into thinking Gomora retreated. Gaira attempted to slash with his claws but Gomora manage to evade before delivering an uppercut striking the green ape like creature in the lower jaw dazing him.

Spinning his body, Gomora whipped his tail, the immense force of it was so strong it lash yet another gash on Gaira's body though the first gash inflicted on him earlier had been slowly regenerating in the process. Backpedaling, Gaira was ready to recover when Gomora turned back to his front and struck him in the face chipping off a few teeth. Already the green ape like creature was getting furious, he had just enough of this, as Gomora tried to deliver another blow. Gaira manage to grab a hold of his arm and swung the dinosaur over his shoulder hurtling Gomora into the Yokohama Marine Tower, its entire structure collapsing into rubble all over him from head to toe.

Marching to his foe. Gaira reached down and pulled Gomora out from the remains of the tower lifting him into the air. He was ready to sink his teeth into Gomora's jugular to finish him once and for all.

However Gaira had been so blinded by rage letting it get to his head, he had forgotten all about Gomora's beam ability which was very devastating to him. The moment he was ready to sink his teeth in, by the split fraction of a second, Gomora was able to activate his Super Oscillatory Beam instantly making physical contact to Gaira's exposed and wounded gash. Roaring out in pain. Gaira dropped Gomora who then punctured his horn into Gaira's hand before yanking and tearing half of it completely off. Gaira roared out more in agony then ever now that he was somewhat handless on his remaining arm. The stump of where half of his hand used to be was all mangled, flesh dangling from it.

Gomora had his chance of victory now.

Before Gaira knew it. Gomora lunged himself up stabbing his nasal horn into his head piercing through the bottom and the tip of the horn bursting out from the top. Pumping energy into Gaira's head. The last thing the green gargantua saw was energy inside his face blinding him drying out his eyes as his face blew up into many pieces. Blood, flesh and brain matter flying all over the place raining to the ground. As Gaira's headless body fell to the ground with a heavy thud. Gomora let out a roar of victory. He had vanquish another threat to mankind.

As Gomora was about to leave, that's when he spotted the living decapitated arm of Gaira crawling onto shore. Having remembered his limb taking a life of its own made Gomora realize something. If a limb from the beast he killed alone could come back to like, what chances were there that the dead body of Gaira will spring back to life as well? This was a chance the dinosaur didn't want to take.

Taking matters in his own hands. Gomora fired his Super Oscillatory Beam at the living crawling arm setting it aflame destroy it completely before turning his attention to the corpse of Gaira setting it aflame as well leaving no trace of either and a chance of coming back.

With his work done here. Gomora was set on returning home. While eventually the moment when Ultraman comes back from his duties in America. He also had a great story to tell to him.

Winner: Gomora
Kaiju Match #25: Gomora vs. Gaira
My twenty fifth kaiju match that I have done.

Up Next: King Kong vs. Red King

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King Ghidorah


This is an Death Battle/DBX idea I've rather grown fond lately and thought why not sell the idea to someone who'd be interested. Many would honestly be very surprised how similar both King Ghidorah and Frieza are.

Both are genocidal destructive beings feared throughout the galaxies who conquers and destroys planets (Frieza completely obliterates them, King Ghidorah just leaves them uninhabitable wiping out all life), have cyborg forms (Mecha-King Ghidorah, Mecha Frieza) and are in some ways golden (Most incarnations of King Ghidorah are gold, Frieza has a form that makes him gold). Moreover they're highly arrogant and self-assured which tends to lead to their downfall most times.

Now some might say it's one-sided in Frieza's favor. True but not unless you composite King Ghidorah who I believe would scale to composite Godzilla who is Solar System-Multi-Solar System, which I believe normal Frieza is around at (Barring Golden Frieza of course). Whoever decides to do this, up to you whether you want to add Golden Frieza but unless you want it close, I wouldn't recommend it.

Anyways though. Whoever wants to claim this. Be the first to comment. ;)

Edit: Sold to :iconquaidabc:
Heavy rain pelted hard on very grounds of Hong Kong which began to shook and tremble as a massive form erupted forth from the ground toppling buildings, ripping apart concrete streets, lifting up cars and people into the air as they fell back down to the earth. Those who didn't get caught in the crossfire began to flee in terror.

The extraterrestrial menace known as Legion made her presence known as the remaining debris fell off of her very body. This was perfect environment to create her colony and a large flower.

With that she got to work. Soon a flower was within place in the city while she began to develop her colony.

Up from the skies above, the evolved gyaos known as Iris set foot onto the city which was answered with the terrified screams of more citizens. Having just fought Gamera recently, the guardian nearly killed him in battle but was lucky to escape. He decided to stop here for a pit stop to put out a plan in place to be prepared for the next time when he goes and finds the guardian to finally put their never lasting fight to an end.

That's when he sensed he wasn't the only monster in this area. Something far larger was here before him. He couldn't put his plans into action with another monster here, it'd be a distraction. Following his instincts he went to find where this potential foe was located.

No more than ten minutes. That's when he spotted his enemy. Luckily for him she was too occupied to even notice him. This gave him a chance to attack first.

Reeling back his long tentacles he lashed them out as the sharp tips pierced through Legion's thick exoskeleton causing gas to leak out escaping into the air. Legion responded with a surprised shriek in pain as she quickly turned her head to find the culprit just as Iris pulled his tendrils back from her body retracting them.

Legion was enraged. How dare this monster intrude on her territory? He was going to regret ever stepping foot here and going as far as to attack her unprovokingly.

Despite her bigger size. Iris was not afraid to get up close towards Legion as he slowly approached, he lashed out two of his tendrils at her some bypassing more of her bone like structure forcing her to shriek out in agony again while parting the pointy tips of the sharp ends with yellow energy beginning to build up.

While the evolved gyaos had the time to fire one of his sonar beams that acted like a hot knife with butter upon cutting through more of his foes body, his other tendril that too was about to fire got put to a halt when Legion pulled using her immense strength, Iris had forgotten he had two of his tendrils still embedded through her body that she used it to her advantage to bring him closer to overpower him.

Before Iris could retract the sharp tendril tips still impaled through his foes thick exoskeleton, Legion lowered her head before rearing it back up delivering a blow to the evolved gyaos face forcing him to stagger back as sparks flew into the air, soon she used her eight smaller legs around her face to surround Iris to give him no chance to escape as she was about to finish him off.

Left with no other choice. Iris fired another beam striking the silicon based life-form on the side of her lower part of the body slicing into her. Shrieking, she backpedaled a bit, with her distracted. Iris had the time to removed the tips of his tendrils from her skeletal like form.

Wasting no time while his enemy was still under the effects of the pain, Iris decided to keep his distance, he made the mistake of thinking of getting near her as she was just too strong. It was a mistake he would not make again.

Without any second thoughts. The mutated gyaos while still keeping his distance from Legion whipped out an tendril wrapping it around one of Legion's small legs, with a mighty yank, he pulled the appendage right completely off allowing more gas from the alien insects body escape. Iris dropped the separated limb to the earth as Legion shrieked in pain. This foe was proving to be rather challenging then he looked. It was ready to take get personal.

Parting open her enormous horn, electricity cackled as it began to build up before firing it at the evolved gyaos. Iris roared in agony feeling the force of the electrical beam fry his flesh, not even his armor could stand it as small pieces of it blew off.

Realizing the potential power of this foe. Iris decided this was enough, he had to kill her quickly as that attack alone heavily damaged him. He aimed one of his tendrils for Legion's head only for it to stop when Legion was quick enough to react and formed a magnetic force shield with her remaining nine front small legs blocking the tendril.

Growing frustrated. Iris spread out his tendrils as membranes made from energy appeared acting like wings taking to the air. He figured that his foe probably won't be able to reach him now increasing his chances of winning.

Iris gazed his face before Legion while he began to blast more of his energy beams from all four tendrils. Unfortunately Legion was able to deflect them once more with the magnetic shield.

Knowing this wasn't working in his favor. He swiftly flew to her side and decided to take the risk of getting in close again as he set his feet back on the ground, pulling out his bladed arm, he jabbed the sharp front into the alien insects side.

Legion had no time to react she felt the blade sink into her. Screeching, she felt it puncture through the other end. As Iris pulled his tendril back out and jumped back feet away to prevent being overpowered once more, he soon aimed for the neck to get an instant kill but Legion was fast on her feet quickly as she moved her body and knocked the tendril off balance.

At surprisingly amazing speeds despite her massive size. Before Iris knew it. Legion rammed her body against the mutated gyaos so hard, upon colliding with it sending the evolved gyaos soaring into a skyscraper that completely collapsed over him, rubble covering him from head to toe. Instantly exploding out of the destroyed remains of the structure. Iris was back on his feet the at the split second and at the same time fired more of his sonar beams, all striking Legion cutting through her.

Legion screeched in agonizing pain, as soon as Iris was finished blasting her with them, he then attempted to spear her with more of his tendrils whipping them straight towards her.

Before they grinded into her body. Legion leaned her form down to the ground and started structuring a tunnel as she entered underground. The tendrils missed just seconds away the moment the last of her body retreated into the earth.

However Iris knew she wasn't safe just yet. Sensing the vibrations below her, the evolved gyaos straightened his tendrils to the ground and stabbed them into the earth, expecting to hit his foe, all he struck was dirt and rocks beneath the city. He tried again but kept missing, Legion was just too fast. Next thing he knew it. Legion burst from the ground behind him and knocked him aside sending him crashing front first.

Rolling on his back. He wasn't able to get back up when Legion soon crawled on top of him hoping to use her weight to pin him down and leave him at her mercy. Opening her horn once more. Electricity began to form, ready to fire her beam and aim at his head to blast it to smithereens.

Victory was hers...

At least that's what she thought...

That's when Iris used one of his freed tendrils and swept the extraterrestrial insectoid off her feet. Losing balance, Legion fell sideways.

Back on his feet. Iris distance himself again as he watched Legion pull herself back up. The two started at one another as rain continued to spill from the sky splashing against their bodies in the process.

That moment was broke when Legion decided it was time to unleash her army. The honey comb section on her chest glowed as a hundred Symbiotic Legions came flying out directly towards Iris as Legion commanded them.

Manage to jump sideways. Iris manage to avoid the soldiers from latching onto him. Little did he know some was smart as they left the group and about twenty anchored onto his body and began their assault.

Feeling them land, Iris began to violently trash as they tore into his flesh. Soon the rest arrived and too joined in completely covering Iris.

Watching her foe try to fight off her soldiers. Legion just sat there letting them do the work until necessary for her to attack. As Iris struggled to get them off. The evolved gyaos could feel them burying into him. He had to find a way to get them off. Despite the pain he was enduring, Iris did would not go down easily.

Seeing a nearby building he charged as she smashed his body against it to crush the small creatures. A few came off but others kept on as they were tougher and had armor protecting them. It wasn't until a second time that he smashed against the building, their armor was bypass and many came off. However Iris was nowhere close of getting them off.

The ones that came off were about to get back on when Iris decapitated them with his tendrils one by one, at the same time Iris was able to think clearly even if he was in the situation he's enduring now.

As the remaining soldiers kept cutting through Iris as well as eating his flesh. Iris decided to take more drastic measures. Jumping at the a few building near each other, he smashed his body against them allowing the rubble to collapse on him and the soldiers.

Legion stopped watching as she saw what Iris began to do. Her foe was rather smart, finding a way to kill her soldiers. She'd make sure he wouldn't process any further making her approach to aid them. Erupting from the rubble, there were some soldiers still, though many were crushed in the process by the tons of rubble. This time Iris decided to flop to the ground and roll himself, some soldiers crawled to escape certain death, others weren't so lucky as they were squished to paste.

Already Iris had gotten and killed nearly all the soldiers. There were still a few left though. Forming his energy wings. The evolved gyaos soared up as fast as he could to get the remaining bunch off as they lost their grip and pried off, gravity carrying them away as they pummeled below him. Finally free of the nasty creatures, Iris could resume his fight but came with a cost. The majority of his body was mangled and torn, along with one of his tendrils. Figuring he can't fight like this. He needed energy to heal himself.

Slowly descending from the sky, Iris was back again, feet meeting the planet. Despite how severely injured he was, he still had the will to keep fighting. He turned to look to see Legion slowly approaching ready to fire her electrical beam, just as she did. Iris evaded it. Legion screeched angrily at missing.

Iris was about to whip his tendrils at her when he noticed a few of her remaining surviving soldiers. Deciding they'd be a good start in healing himself. The mutated gyaos struck his tendrils at some of the soldiers. The soldiers shrieking as the sharp tips easily got pass their thick exoskeletons.

The little creatures squirmed trying to pull themselves out only until they felt themselves starting to weaken and as if their life was fading before their eyes. The tendrils were absorbing their life force. The soldiers gave out one last shriek before their bodies crumbled up like paper and withered dry.

Iris could feel energy restoring into him. Some of the major wounds and scars already being replenished as newly formed flesh formed over his injuries. It was however not enough. The soldiers only healed him a bit and knew if he wanted to be back to his old prime. He'd need something bigger.

And he knew what.

Getting ready to steal some life-force from his foe. That was interrupted as some surviving soldiers blocked his view. Who were hellbent on protecting their queen, however they were easily blasted apart when Iris fired his sonar beams which cut them apart.

Watching Iris destroy the last of her colony enraged her. Readying herself, Legion peeled her horn into two about to launch an empowered beam of electricity to avenge her soldiers.

Iris saw what she was about to do. Not willing to give her the chance and knowing what to expect from her now. He reacted quicker of the two and instantly sent out his four tendrils again. That's when Legion felt all four sharp tips embedded themselves into each sides of her body, upper and lower parts which made her shriek ceasing Legion from moments away from firing her electrical beam.

Yet at the same, a thought came to the silicon based life-form that'd possibly put her at the advantage again. Expecting Iris to be the fool he was once more as earlier. Legion pulled herself to rear him in closer and closer but that's when she felt strange. A sensation of feeling that was like her life was being taken away from her. That's when she figured it out. She began to notice her flowing out of her through the insides of the tendrils. Iris was rejuvenating himself. The more he absorbed more of her life. The more his scares healed looking like the way he was since he first arrived her.

Not wanting her foe to win. Legion lashed out one of her small legs around her face slicing through one of the tendrils.

Roaring in agony. Iris stumbled back a bit along with being forced to bring his remaining tendrils back as the one severed from his body crashed to the ground though the spear tip was still stuck into his foes body. Blood poured from where one of his four tendrils use to sat.

Never the less. Although Iris wasn't able to fully heal himself. He was still back in the condition to keep fighting strong, especially now that the majority of wounds were gone. If Iris had eyes or a mouth, he'd be making a mocking like matter which unknown to Legion, he took something more than just some of her life source.

He was ready to unleash it...

Legion was satisfied. To her cutting of one of his tendrils was payback for all the holes that was put throughout her body and ripping one of her small legs earlier.

Shocking to her. Iris was inching closer to her which confused her. Last she checked. He's been trying to keep his distance away from her for most of the fight. Why he was doing this now, she'll probably never know but like him. She was at this point to finishing him off like he was to her.

Moving as well the two got closer and closer until Iris reared up one of his three remaining tendrils opened the tips and began forming energy. Shocking to Legion the energy forming wasn't the usual yellow energy but rather a light bluish and electricity form to it as they sparked.

It came without warning. That's when Iris unleashed his own weapon against her. The combined forces of the three electric beams were so strong that they struck her in the horn blasting it apart as pieces of it went flying. The extraterrestrial insectoid shrieked closing her eyes by the impact that physically struck her. When she opened them, she found what she bargained form. Smoke sizzling from the stump that her horn once were.

Now she was fueled with anger. Once calm bluish eyes were now replaced with red fury like eyes that flashed in the blue ones place. Out from the stump of her nose. Red energy like whips emerged as she charged on towards Iris, raging fury taking over her as the only thing in mind.

The silicon based life-form was so hellbent Iris didn't know what came next as he felt the whips strike him everywhere on his body. Roaring in agony, he felt how hot they were as every hit scorched his flesh. One of the whips cut clean through one of his other tendrils cutting it off. Iris was now down to two as he agony roared once again from the inflicting pain. Legion was unpredictable now. He had no way to counter it.

Nevermore though. Iris decided to keep a clear mind. If he wanted to win this. He couldn't let his foe get to the better of him. Fighting to ignore the pain the whips were doing on his body. Iris starred as he reeled an tendril and stabbed it into where Legion's egg sac was puncturing through it. Legion gasped in pain as she realized where he struck halting her to cease her red whips before it was yanked out ripped from her Iris smashed it to the ground shattering to pieces.

Legion screeched out angrier then ever. Angry and sad at the same time. Her horn and her colony all destroyed by this very being. How is it that he's been able to go on this far? She'd never know, still the only thing on her mind was rage and hellbent on destroying him!

Seeing the red whips form again. Iris jumped out of harm's way as Legion continued to lash them out at him just mere inches away. Realizing that his foe wasn't thinking straight and letting anger get at the best of her. The evolved gyaos took flight as he soared above her. Lifting her head up, the extraterrestrial insectoid continued to whip them at Iris who kept himself far away enough to not get struck.

Sneaking a tendril towards Legion when she kept her fury focused on just destroying him, he snaked it up to her before piercing the sharp spear tip into her neck. Legion couldn't screech as the windpipe was ruptured in the process. Choking and gagging as gas tried to leak out only to be blocked by the tendril spear which was blocking the way of the exit of her body. Iris pulled his tendril back as it finally allowed the gas to escape.

Legion struggled to breathe. Her neck was severed, her life diminishing before she knew it. Sensing his foe being close to death. Iris opened the tips of his two tendrils he had left on his body forming the electrical beam whom Iris stole from her genes.

When Iris felt he was ready. He fired the two electrical beams that glanced all over Legion's body frying it leaving it scarred, charred and burnt in the process. When he glanced the two at her face. The last thing the silicon based life-form saw was her own weapon being countered against her as her head blew apart, along with the immense force of the beam sending her headless body crashing into various skyscrapers as the remains of what was once Legion got buried by the man made structures.

When Iris was done. For a few moments as he slowly drifted back on earth, watched Legion's charred remains under the various rubble of now destroyed buildings before letting out a roar of victory.

Never did Iris thought any other monster could give him trouble other than Gamera until meeting Legion. Today, he came to know another monster gave him a rather challenging fight. It'd probably be one he'd remember but none the less. He came out on top in the end.

Looking around his surroundings at the ruins of the city. Iris spotted the flower that Legion had planted. The evolved gyaos did not know why but felt something threatening about it. Somehow he had a feeling Legion was in fact a species, not just a single one, and that if one alone gave him difficulty. He couldn't imagine himself surviving against another or more. To be on the safe side in case any others were to come concluding the flower is something that would signal more to come. Iris fired his electrical beams burning the giant flower as it was set aflame.

Now Iris was ready for something else as well. He was ready to seek out Gamera again and finally destroy the Guardian of the Universe once and for all. But not before some well deserved rest somewhere where he could have solitude to himself.

Taking to the air, Iris took off soaring into the distance, leaving all that was left which remained of Hong Kong.

Winner: Iris
Kaiju Match #24: Iris vs. Legion
My twenty-fourth kaiju match that I have done.

Up Next: Gomora vs. Gaira

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Credit goes to :icondanit67: for the inspiration for this match. Go check this nice banner that he made out. ;)…
Titanosaurus felt anger.

Normally a shy and peaceful creature. The aquatic dinosaur had lost by the hands of Godzilla along with his 'partner' Mechagodzilla who was destroyed, although he was mind controlled for the most part, he still remembered everything. Ever since being forced off the cliff and falling by Godzilla's hands and managing to survive the ordeal upon crashing back into the waves of his native home. Titanosaurus had since been finally free for once.

Yet at the same time, mind controlled or not, he was showing pure fury, Godzilla could've been helping him break out of it but instead gave him a pummeled beating which is what angered him.

Now he just felt like finding land just so he could rest having been swimming endlessly for days.

That's when something emerged from the waves below the ocean revealing itself. The green gargantuan Gaira. Just like Titanosaurus, Gaira too was feeling anger as coincidentally just survived the underwater volcano that engulfed him and his brother Sanda during their struggling battle. Somehow though Gaira manage to survive and escape that fate. Sanda however wasn't so lucky. Never the less the whole fight left him bitter and having just stumble upon Titanosaurus. He felt like venting out his anger at something. The aquatic dinosaur was a perfect target.

Despite his search to find land, Titanosaurus was still welling up with anger as well and figured now that he ran into Gaira, he might as well vent his out.

Without any hesitation, both monsters bellowed out their own roars accepting their challenge.

Gaira was the first to attack, lunging himself he pounced on Titanosaurus placing his hands onto his shoulders and bit down into his neck hoping to rip out a huge chunk as blood oozing out. Roaring in pain. The aquatic dinosaur tried to push Gaira off but the green gargautan wouldn't pry off. Kneeing the ravenous green ape like creature in the gut. That's when Gaira let go, wind being knocked out of his lungs.

With his foe having let go. Titanosaurus swung his head like a bludgeon and slammed it against the side of Gaira's head dazing him while knocking out a few teeth. Before Gaira could recover. Titanosaurus didn't give him the chance as he flew his weight against Gaira's slamming his body against his. Gaira tried to throw a punch but Titanosaurus grabbed his wrist before placing a hand at the top of his head pushing his face down into the water.

The green gargantua trashed around forcing water to splash around their surroundings and create small waves around them as Titanosaurus held his face down attempting to drown him.

Gaira tried to break his head free but the dinosaurs immense strength was just too much. It was pinning him down to the point that he felt trapped. When all else failed. The green ape like creature latched out his arm grabbing Titanosaurus' thigh digging his claws into the reptilian flesh.

Eyes widened, Titanosaurus was forced to release Gaira as he stumbled back. He watched as blood flowed to the top wondering what the gargantua did when he found his answer. Gaira rose back up with a huge chunk of flesh that came from the aquatic dinosaur. Sniffing at it. The green gargantua sunk his teeth into the flesh, chewed on it before gulping. He came to realized this tasted far better than humans.

Looking at Titanosaurus face to face. A change in the green gargutua's eyes was different, replacing all that he was doing to vent out his anger. A facial expression of craving hunger.

He wanted more...

The sudden sight of seeing his foe eat a piece of him that he ripped off enraged the dinosaur but the thought distracted him long enough that Gaira jumped at him plowing his body against the dinosaurs hellbent on sinking more of his teeth into the delicious flesh of his foe.

Titanosaurus violently shook his body trying to get Gaira to get off, trying to avoid his jaws get a hold of more of his flesh. Gaira reared his head back and headbutted it against Titanosaurus to cease his struggling before jabbing his clawed hands into Titanosaurus' body, more blood flowing to the top. The aquatic dinosaur let out a gurgled shriek.

Just as Gaira tried to rip out another chunk of flesh to chow on. Titanosaurus pulled his back feet and planted them against the green gargantua pushing him off of him.

Gaira wasn't done yet, he dove once more at Titanosaurus who in turn did as well, bodies colliding each other yet again. This time the aquatic dinosaur was at the advantage. Grasping both hands around the green gargantua's arm. He threw him over his shoulder creating a large splash of water skyrocketing into the air.

With his foe still belly up. Titanosaurus hopped into the air and body slammed against Gaira creating yet another splash. Titanosaurus wasn't done yet however. Grabbing onto the green ape like creatures sides. The aquatic dinosaur held firmly as he began to take a descent down to the oceans depth.

Shaking his head gaining consciousnesses. Gaira found himself being carried down to the bottom of the ocean. Deciding to put an end to that, he grabbed onto Titanosaurus' vulnerable long neck and yanked it attempting to snap.

Shrieking, the aquatic dinosaur ceased his swimming as, thankfully due to his thick and strong neck muscles, it wasn't that easy for Gaira to snap his neck. Pushing Gaira away. They both flipped their bodies back upwards resumed their battle.

Both continued to bash each other with a series of punches and blows. Titanosaurus slamming his hands against Gaira's body, while Gaira shredded flesh off of the aquatic dinosaurs skin. That ended when Titanosaurus quickly bit down onto Gaira's shoulder and threw him meters away. Luckily being surrounded by water slowed the movement which Gaira used to his advantage utilizing himself.

Titanosaurus decided it was time to use his ultimate enemy. Spinning to his back, the aquatic dinosaur opened up his tail revealing a fan like fin at the end. Swishing it back and forth, underwater waves and hurricanes began to come into existence.

Caught off-guard by the unexpecting surprise his foe held. The green gargantua found himself in trapped in the middle of the situation he now found himself in. He tried with all his might to swim towards Titanosaurus but in doing so kept pushing him backwards

Soon the twirling waves began increasing, completely surrounding Gaira's very form. Above, middle, the sides even below him. It was nearly impossible to get out of it. As Titanosaurus continued. Little did Gaira know was a whirlpool beginning to materialize beneath him.

Desperately Gaira tried to swim his way out of the danger he was experiencing now but it was no use. The force of the whirlpool began to suck him up and the last thing he knew was his finding himself being swirled around heavily as he his body gave in and was completely engulfed by the swirling cyclone.

Titanosaurus watched on as his foe disappeared into the depths, not caring whether he survived or not. It wasn't his concern. He had claimed victory and moreover, having just released all his anger out. Titanosaurus was once more in his peaceful state having finally cured himself.

With his foe out of the way. Titanosaurus swam off with his trek to find land, one possibly monster-free other than himself, where he wouldn't be bothered.

Winner: Titanosaurus
Kaiju Match #23: Titanosaurus vs. Gaira
My twenty fourth kaiju match that I have wrote.

Up Next: Legion vs. Iris

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Credit goes to :icondanit67: for the inspiration for this match. Go check this nice banner that he made out. ;)…
Kumonga, the top predator of Sollgel Island made a fresh kill.

Snared in his deadly web, laid an Kamacuras at his mercy. The giant mantis watched on helplessly as the mammoth arachnid inched closer as he exposed an needle like object that appeared between his mandibles. Kumonga's signature poison stinger.

Plunging the stinger into his prey. He allowed the poison to do the rest of the work. In less than a minute. The Kamacuras' life came to an end now dead.

With his prey dead. The spider was about to start feasting until hearing noise from the ocean. Looking above his food. Kumonga spotted a form rising from below the surface, at first glance it looked like a tidal wave but that was soon thrown out of the question when the sea water all poured down revealing the true culprit.


Food had lately been scarce from his native habitat Letchi Island and not willing to wait for food to start growing, the giant crustacean has since left the island in search of more suitable prey.

That's when he laid eyes on Kumonga with his meal. The gigantic lobster was so hungry to the point of needing food right now he's willingly attempted to steal the kill from the giant spider, even if he was at a disadvantage on land. Ebirah made his way towards the shoreline.

Realizing that Ebirah was nearing. Kumonga crawled on top of his prey, making a chittering sound, a warning to the lobster to back off from his kill, however the giant crustacean didn't back down as he set foot on shore approaching, his extreme hunger drove him this desperate.

Now knowing that his foe wasn't heeding the warning. In an act to protect his food and to halt Ebirah. The giant spider soon began spraying out his webbing.

Ebirah began to hear a random sound and looked up upon noticing strands of white silk raining over him. That's when it was too late that he spotted the source of where it was coming from. None other than Kumonga himself.

The silk began to form into thick webbing that coated Ebirah's entire being. The gigantic lobster tried to move but the webbing even reached as far down as his bottom trapping his legs. All Ebirah could do is violently trashed around as the spider kept covering him with his blanket of sticky silk.

Ebirah continued to struggle. Seemingly he was experiencing a situation which no victim could ever escape from Kumonga's webs and were left at a grim fate. Not for Ebirah though, just as Kumonga neared completion in completely cocooning Ebirah. The gigantic lobster's armor helped him for the most part, giving him enough strength to rip out from the thickness of the webbing. His claws also helped cut through it, after a little difficulty. Ebirah was free.

Seeing this made Kumonga stop spraying and about to pull another tactic when Ebirah all of a sudden turned around and dove back into the depths of the ocean. At the same time Kumonga was happy and disappointed. Happy that he made his foe retreat but at the same time lost the opportunity of getting a bonus meal which would've lasted him not just days but rather weeks.

Never the less though. He had still technically get to claim his catch as he began to crawl back to his earlier catch.

When he reached his meal. By this time the flesh and insides were liquefied enough for the spider to start finally drinking. All to himself now. Kumonga gorged himself.

It was interrupted once more as Ebirah exploded from the ocean and came charging head on onto the sandy beach towards Kumonga. Startled, the mammoth arachnid spun seeing his foe running straight at him like a speeding train.

Standing his ground, Kumonga reared his upper front into the air in hopes to intimidate Ebirah into retreating again. However it did not work. The gigantic lobster bulldozed into the giant spider, before Ebirah could truly flip Kumonga over. He quickly latched out his eight long legs anchoring four of the tips in front of Ebirah's face. The giant crustacean tried to dislodge Kumonga's legs off his face but the giant spider held on.

Ebirah began to shake himself still willing to get Kumonga to let go, meanwhile Kumonga let his back four legs go and slammed his thorax against Ebirah's face blocking his view. Trying to find a way to end this fight quickly. The mammoth arachnid gazed his eyes trying to find a spot vulnerable to inject his poison stinger into Ebirah but no luck, wherever he looked was coated with red armor.

Kumonga's thorax still blocked Ebirah's view. Having enough of this. The gigantic lobster thrust his body up lifting Kumonga into the air. Lashing out one of his pinchers. He slid two of the mammoth arachnid's legs between his claws and pressed them down.


Two of the now decapitated appendages collapsed to the ground with a heavy thud. Kumonga screeched out in agony as green blood gushed from the stumps where his legs once lied.

Anger reverberated in Kumonga's eight eyes. Despite the loss of his legs. He wasn't going to go down this easily. What was at first competition against food was now a personal fight to the death. The giant spider spat out a web snare that latched to Ebirah's face. The giant crustacean shrieked, his vision blinded once again shaking his head to get the stuff off but had no such luck.

Now at the advantage. Kumonga awkwardly crawled forward and climbed onto Ebirah's back. The mammoth arachnid reared back his two front legs attempting to spear the tips through the gigantic lobsters armor. All that did at best was slightly dent it. The armor was far too strong. Willing to try again. Kumonga did it a second time. Still couldn't bypass it. Out of options, the giant spider figured he'd have much better luck if he tried flipping Ebirah over, perhaps his bottom wasn't protected like his outer layer. It was worth a shot.

Chirping as he sank his head down, Kumonga placed it under the still trashing Ebirah's bottom to try getting him on his back.

Knowing there was no other way of getting the stuff off his eyes. The gigantic crustacean ripped the stuff completely from his eyes with his claws. Already having felt Kumonga doing what he expected. The giant lobster rotated his body knocking Kumonga off balance and let out a screech. Before the mammoth arachnid had the chance to react. Ebirah charged forth grabbing Kumonga with his enormous pinchers.

Kumonga could feel himself being dragged like a rag doll as Ebirah headed straight to the sea. The giant spider tried sinking his freed legs into the sandy beach but it was no use, all that did was force sand to fly into the air forming small dust clouds.

Reaching his destination, Ebirah returned to the sea along with his foe.

Next thing Kumonga had known was his surroundings had changed as now he was completely submerged in water all around his form. Breaching his head to the surface. Kumonga found himself far from his native island. That's when he was pulled under. Looking Ebirah starred at him eye to eye.

Kumonga was in his domain now. He was at the advantage now this time. The giant spider was completely helpless as he could not swim that well. Throwing out his clawed pincher. Ebirah chopped off three other legs of Kumonga's, more green blood spilling and flowing up to the surface as the three legs sank to the bottom. A gurgled shriek was all that emerged from the mammoth arachnid's mouth shielded by the salty ocean water surrounding him.

With his foe close to death. Ebirah decided to finish this off by dragging him deeper into the depths in hopes of drowning the giant spider.

Just as Ebirah was grabbing a hold of him. Despite being on the verge of death, life flashing before his eyes. Kumonga took notice of Ebirah exposing his vulnerable soft underbelly. His life may have been at an end but at the same time, he could take his foe with him along the ride.

Using the last of his strength. Kumonga injected his poison stinger into Ebirah's soft flesh. Eyes widened. Ebirah screeched as he began to feel the poison course through his body and veins, shutting down his organs one by one. His life too vanishing before him.

As the two gigantic invertebrates slowly began dying. Kumonga from a mixture of blood loss and drowning and Ebirah, the effects of the poison, that's when both their lives came to an end, all that that was left they saw was their surroundings before darkness took over them.

The lifeless forms of Kumonga and Ebirah slowly sunk to the bottom of the oceans depths.

Meanwhile back on land. The decaying remains of the dead Kamacuras whom both Kumonga and Ebirah fought over for was left to rot, all that was done for the matter of survival.

Draw: Kumonga (Showa)/Ebirah (Millennium)
Kaiju Match #22: Kumonga (S) vs. Ebirah (M)
My twenty second kaiju match that I have done.

Up Next: Titanosaurus vs. Gaira

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Credit goes to :icondanit67: for the inspiration for this match. Go check this nice banner that he made out. ;)…


My name is Michael and I'm a 22 year old canadian guy. I'm a really nice guy and don't be shy if you want to be friends. I won't mind. I'm a really big animal lover and I'm also a vegetarian. Please do check out my art and stories. =)

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King Ghidorah


This is an Death Battle/DBX idea I've rather grown fond lately and thought why not sell the idea to someone who'd be interested. Many would honestly be very surprised how similar both King Ghidorah and Frieza are.

Both are genocidal destructive beings feared throughout the galaxies who conquers and destroys planets (Frieza completely obliterates them, King Ghidorah just leaves them uninhabitable wiping out all life), have cyborg forms (Mecha-King Ghidorah, Mecha Frieza) and are in some ways golden (Most incarnations of King Ghidorah are gold, Frieza has a form that makes him gold). Moreover they're highly arrogant and self-assured which tends to lead to their downfall most times.

Now some might say it's one-sided in Frieza's favor. True but not unless you composite King Ghidorah who I believe would scale to composite Godzilla who is Solar System-Multi-Solar System, which I believe normal Frieza is around at (Barring Golden Frieza of course). Whoever decides to do this, up to you whether you want to add Golden Frieza but unless you want it close, I wouldn't recommend it.

Anyways though. Whoever wants to claim this. Be the first to comment. ;)

Edit: Sold to :iconquaidabc:

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