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Gray sat on a bench at the Magnolia Town Square with one thing on his mind. Juvia Lockser. What he couldn't understand was why? Why did Juvia love him? He knew that she was always in love with him, he could tell from the way she always acts, but again he couldn't understand. He did love her but there was something that was getting in the way.

His thoughts about it stopped when a certain Water Mage appeared. "Gray-sama there you are." Juvia said.

Gray looked at her. Everytime he did, he couldn't describe how beautiful of a girl she was. She had everything a beautiful perfect slender body, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, everything about her was beautiful, yet...he couldn't bring himself to love her back.

"Oh hey Juvia. What are you doing here?" Gray said.

"Juvia wanted to find Gray-sama, but couldn't. Juvia looked everywhere, the guild, your place, but I couldn't find you until this was the only place I could think of left. What Gray-sama doing here?" Juvia said.

"I just wanted some time all alone, everyone needs it. You know how things can be at the guild you know." Gray said.

"Yeah, I know what Gray-sama means...Gray-sama, can I sit with you, I know you said that you want time alone, but can I please just to give you some company, that is if you don't mind." Juvia said.

Gray did want alone time, but that smile she gave him, that beautiful smile, he couldn't say no to that, how could he? He didn't want to make Juvia walk away sad, the very girl he loved, so he decided to let her.

"Yes, Juvia you can. I think I had enough alone time after all." Gray said.

Juvia said down beside Gray still smiling. Gray couldn't get enough of her smile. It made him filled with joy, yet that soon changed when the thoughts from came back into his head all of a sudden causing him to turn his head and frown. Seeing this made Juvia curious to why he was suddenly now acting all sad. "Gray-sama, you okay? Why are you sad?" Juvia said.

Gray knew that he couldn't keep this up forever, he wish he could, but how could he? He knew it was a matter of time until he might as well, with that thought coming to him. He felt maybe it was the time to ask Juvia why? "Juvia? Can I ask you something?" Gray said.

"Of course, Gray-sama. What is it?." Juvia said.

Well here it goes. "Why Juvia?" Gray said.

The Water Mage appeared confused. What was her Gray-sama asking her? "What? What are you talking about?" Juvia said.

"I mean why Juvia. W-why do you do this?" Gray said.

"What do you mean?" Juvia said.

"Why do you love me? Worship me like I'm something sacred? Everything. I-I don't understand why you do? You're too good for me Juvia. I'm not good enough. Someone beautiful like you deserves someone better than me. Me, I don't deserve you, so again why?" Gray said.

Juvia couldn't believe what Gray was saying. She didn't want it to be true, but she was hearing it. Why would he think this way? Think that he doesn't deserve her, when truthfully he did. "Gray-sama..." Juvia said.

Gray looked at her. Tears in his eyes. "It's true Juvia. I'm just not the right person for you. You instantly fell in love with me the day we met and as they would say, love at first sight isn't always what it seems, I don't want you to make a mistake and have your heart broken. If you keep wasting your whole life about me, you'll never fulfil what's best for you and continue your goal. I'm sorry, that I'm telling you this Juvia, but I've kept it for so long now, and I knew I couldn't keep it forever, but now I can't." Gray said.

Gray's words were hitting Juvia hard like someone has punched her. He was being really hard on himself, beating his self up like this. What he was saying was not true. It wasn't love at first sight that made her fall for him. It was something else. Juvia wanted to prove it to him. "Gray-Sama. Don't be so hard on yourself." Juvia said.

"Why though. I should be, look Juvia. If you're always been wondering, why I've always ignored you and rejected everything. It's due to everything I just said." Gray said.

"Gray-sama. That isn't true." Juvia said.

"Yes it is. Yet, despite all this. I love you Juvia. I really do." Gray said.

The moment those three words came out from Gray's mouth. Warm tears began to build up in her eyes falling from her face. Juvia couldn't believe it. Her Gray-sama had confessed it. Her love wasn't false at all. He did indeed love her.

"Now you know the truth Juvia and to why I'm just not meant for you. So again, please don't waste your life involving all around me, because I'm just no good, other than Lyon, since he wouldn't be perfect for you, there's a guy out there that is better for you and not me." Gray said.

Gray looked down to the ground, tears beginning to build up and fall from his face again. Seeing Gray like this was really hurting her and it was time to prove why everything he said was wrong. As the Ice Mage continued to cry, he stopped when he felt the comforting embrace of Juvia's arms wrap around his body and her lips pressing against the side of his face, as she kissed him on the cheek. When she pulled away. Gray looked at Juvia in shock. "Juvia?" Gray said.

"Gray-sama. None of that is true at all. Don't ever think that way. Juvia didn't fall in love with Gray-sama because it was love at first sight, but because of the day we met, it was you who gave Juvia hope again. You took the rain away and filled my heart with sunshine. It's because of that I love you, if Juvia never met you. She would have been that way still with no life and because of you. Juvia is Juvia again." Juvia said.

Gray was surprised. He didn't realize that he influence her that much. This was all he needed to hear to make his change his view about the whole thing. "Do you really mean that Juvia?" Gray said.

"Juvia does, meeting you was Juvia's happiest day in her life and after that. All Juvia wanted for the rest of her life is to be together with you." Juvia said.

"J-Juvia I don't know what to say. I didn't realize this. I'm so sorry for everything. I was so blind about it. I thought it was just love at first sight, which was why you fell in love with me and if it turned out to be false that I wasn't the one and you realized that, you would have had your heart broken and was just trying to stop that from happening. If you're angry about it too, I understand." Gray said.

"Juvia not angry at you about it. Juvia happy that you've finally confessed. There's no one else in this world that has my heart except you." Juvia said.

"I'm happy to hear Juvia. I do love you and always have." Gray said.

Juvia smiled as they both looked into each others eyes and moved forward embracing each other and sharing a compassionate kiss as soon as their lips made contact. They then broke the kiss. "Juvia." Gray said.

"Yes, Gray-sama?" Juvia said.

"Now that you know I love you and that I know the truth to why you love me now. Will you be my girlfriend?" Gray said.

The Water Mage gasped with joy. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Juvia would! Juvia has waited for this day!" Juvia said.

Before Gray knew it. Juvia threw her arms around Gray and kissed him hard on the lips. Gray did it in return. After a few minutes, they broke the kiss once more. "Juvia. I want to let you know. No matter what. I'll never break up with you, leave you, cheat on you, or anything like that and one day, we will get married and have kids of our own. I just want you to know that." Gray said.

"Oh Gray! This means so much to Juvia. The same goes to you as well. Juvia will never do any of that to you as well." Juvia said.

"I'm happy to hear." Gray said.

"You've made Juvia so happy." Juvia said.

There was nothing Gray had to say, pulling her close to him. She layed her head on his shoulder as the two of them looked up into the stars in the night sky. Now that they were together for the rest of their life. Neither of them couldn't be much happier.
Gray's True Feelings
Having became a Fairy Tail fan lately and liking the pairing between Gray and Juvia. I was in the mood to write a short story between them revealing why Gray had always been ignoring and rejecting Juvia.....until now.

For Gruvia fans. Hope you enjoy.

I do not own Fairy Tail. It belongs to it's rightful owner.
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I know what you all might be thinking. This is very one-sided in Doomsday's favor and yes it is, but I still think the idea of this fight would be great and very eye-dropping. I mean after all, :iconwildgun-edge: is doing Godzilla vs. Asura, even when the winner is obvious. So why not this as well? After all both Godzilla and Doomsday are monsters of great destruction, leaving wakes of it in their path. Plus if you want to make it as close as you can. Do a composite Godzilla and have every version combined. At his most powerful, Godzilla is a casual planet buster from this manga series based on the heisei movies. So, for those who wants it, come and get it before it is taken.
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First off, I'd like to give thanks to :iconterraraptor: for the idea of this Death Battle Match Ideas journal on Venusaur, which is this,…


I'm sure we all know who this is right? Yep, Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy, one of Batman's greatest known enemies. Honestly, I'm surprised she hasn't been used in any written Death Battles yet, considering she has potential to be in it, due to her variety of plant base abilities, so to make this happen, here is a list of potential opponents for her.

Potental Opponents:
(Note: Don't really have to explain the connections as all her potential opponents I will be based on fights between plant based power/Chlorokinesis)

Venusaur (Pokemon)

Celebi (Pokemon)

Viridi (Kid Icarus)

Maokai (League of Legends): Sold to :iconthe-deadliest-doge:

Zyra (League of Legends)

Man-Thing (Marvel Comics)

Groot (Marvel Comics)

Plantman (Marvel Comics)

Undergrowth (Danny Phantom)

Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon) *She does happen to have some plant based abilities, so thought I'd add her onto here.*

Captain Planet (Captain Planet & the Planeteers) *This is probably the only character on this list, which the fight wouldn't be a plant based battle, but think about the connection. A fight between a Eco Superhero, which is Captain Planet and a Eco Terrorist Supervillain, Poison Ivy, fits doesn't it?"

Swamp Thing (DC Comics) *I know what you're thinking, "They're from the same universe", yes I know that, but this is pretty much the last opponent I could think of for Poison Ivy.*
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Hey guys, this is something I just felt like doing, we all know that Wiz and Boomstick lets fans request fights, but sometimes some of these fights are just downright retarded and makes little sense, so I've decided to list the top 3 I've came up with that I have seen people request, which is extremely ridiculous. Anyways.....

3. Mega Man vs. Samus Aran

Now tell me people who requests this fight, just tell me. What does Mega Man and Samus Aran have in common other than they just have arm cannons for weapons..... Please, I'd like to know? LITERALLY nothing!!!!! I have nothing else to really say about this one.

2. Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim Kaiju/Jaeger, Eva Units, King Kong, Colossal Titan and Bowser

Credit to :iconmorgreg: for summing it up for me on one of his journals.…

"1. Any Pacific Rim Kaiju/Jaeger- Now to be honest, I don't have too big a problem with this because the kaiju and Jaegers in Pacific Rim could give Godzilla a decent fight, now I would go with Godzilla in the end but that's just me, and the only thing against this pick is that Pacific Rim came out just last year and I dare any of the casual fans of the movie to name any of the Kaiju or Jaegers other than Gypsy Danger.

2. Any of the Eva Units from Evangellion- Setting aside my hatred for the Eva series (I think it's a pretentious piece of shit that tries to force controversy by calling Lovecraftian aliens angels and having the protagonist masturbate next to a comatose girl) This is a stupid idea, the Eva's weapons are impractical in that they can easily be knocked out of their hands and giving Godzilla's experience in fighting, he can take down an Eva Unit easily.

3. King Kong- This already happened, yes, it was Toho's version of Kong, but considering that the real King Kong is at most in every incarnation in American movies from the 1933 version to the Peter Jackson remake, Kong's size is between 25ft to 45ft tall, the smallest version of Godzilla is about 197ft tall, and every version of Godzilla can shoot a stream of atomic radiation from his mouth that can melt say Kong would be fucked would be the understatement of the fucking eon

4. The Colossal Titan from Attack On Titan- Yes the Colossal Titan is the same size as the smallest incarnation of Godzilla, if it's anything like an average Titan from the series, regular cannon fire can hurt it, since those exposed muscles aren't exactly like the armored plating the Armored Titan has, also, nobody knows the full extent of the Colossal Titan's abilities, all it did was knock down a wall, twice, Godzilla can survive a bombardment from missiles, lasers, bullets, artillery shells, and bombs, and that's not counting the fact that the most recent Godzilla from the 2014 American movie can survive a nuke, so it's basically Colossus from X-men vs Mr. Burns from the Simpsons with that fight.

5. Bowser from Mario- How is this a fucking thing? Is it because that they're both large reptiles that breathe fire? That's as retarded of an argument as saying Megaman and Samus should fight because they both have god damn gun arms for their main weapons. Bowser has nothing in common with Godzilla, Bowser has more in common with fucking Gamera than he has with Godzilla, but people want this to be a thing, and my response is, look up Pooh Adventures if you want to see dumbass crossovers that make zero to no sense"

Well said man, well said.

And the number one most stupidiest Death Battle that people requests is.....

1. Mewtwo vs. Frieza

I have no words how I want to describe this ridiculous concept, just no words, but I will anyway. Why do people request this? The two have LITERALLY nothing in common other than appearance, is that the reason? No just no, that isn't how Death Battle works and what makes it worst is that this is highly requested up there with Deadpool vs. Deathstroke and Samurai Jack vs. Afro Samurai. How many retards are on this planet? The fact it's highly requested must mean there are alot. Everytime I see this on the Youtube comments, my braincells commit suicide one by one at the stupidity of people, who doesn't realize how Death Battle is suppose to work. For Death Battle to work let me point out examples.

Kratos vs Spawn - Two godslaying anti-heroes who qualify as some of the dickish antiheroes in all fiction. They also made a deal. Kratos made a deal with Ares, and Spawn made a deal with Malebolgia only to later turn on them in order to get revenge.

Superman vs Goku - Immigrants from beyond the stars, raised by kind elderly couple, become their worlds' paragons.

Batman vs Spider-Man - both heroes have tragic backstories involving the death of parental figures, but come from entirely opposite directions. Batman was born into high social standing and wealth, while Spider-Man is a perpetually broke lower-middle class New Yorker who can barely get the rent on time. One compensates lack of superpowers with money, tech and wit, the other compensates for horrible luck with wit and spider powers.

See what I mean now? I'm sorry if I'm sounding like an ass, but the idea of this fight is just extremely dumb.

And that wraps up my Top 5 Most Stupiest Death Battles people request.
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Blaze the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog) vs. Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Two princesses from another dimension (You could consider the world Azula lives in to be another dimension since it isn't earth) with the power of pyrokinesis, only one is good and one is evil?

Get it before someone else does.

EDIT: Taken by :iconsonicpal:


My name is Michael and I'm a 22 year old canadian guy. I'm a really nice guy and don't be shy if you want to be friends. I won't mind. I'm a really big animal lover and I'm also a vegetarian. Please do check out my art and stories. =)

My Best Friends on deviantART: :iconhordaks-pupil: :iconwitneus: :iconorne-phantom:

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Personal Quote: "I do believe in the Jersey Devil."


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I know what you all might be thinking. This is very one-sided in Doomsday's favor and yes it is, but I still think the idea of this fight would be great and very eye-dropping. I mean after all, :iconwildgun-edge: is doing Godzilla vs. Asura, even when the winner is obvious. So why not this as well? After all both Godzilla and Doomsday are monsters of great destruction, leaving wakes of it in their path. Plus if you want to make it as close as you can. Do a composite Godzilla and have every version combined. At his most powerful, Godzilla is a casual planet buster from this manga series based on the heisei movies. So, for those who wants it, come and get it before it is taken.

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