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13.75 billion years ago.

That was when it happened. The Big Bang occurred creating what was now the universe. First galaxies formed, then stars followed, what eventually came after was planets and moons all around. But despite how beautiful the universe appeared to be. It happened to be a dangerous place teeming with deadly creatures of all kinds throughout the cosmos.

Among these were the Ghidorah's. A race of three-headed dragons that left nothing but destruction and misery wiping out all life in their wake draining planets of energy in the process. The Ghidorah's were among the most feared creatures throughout the universe by civilizations alike and for good reason.

Despite the Ghidorah's reputation though. Two infamous ones known as Desghidorah and Grand King Ghidorah only really stood out. Others of the species while powerful in their own right would flee upon sight of either knowing it'd be suicide to go against them. Throughout the millions of years. Both Desghidorah and Grand King Ghidorah shared the title of Destroyer of Worlds but today they both decided only one of them could remain alive to retain it.

Soaring through the Milky Way Galaxy. The three-headed demonic dragon known as Desghidorah was making a beeline for earth's moon. Why? Because his natural instincts were guiding him there for a reason, where he was going was no coincidence despite how big and infinite the universe was.

Landing solely on the moon's soil. Desghidorah made his presence known, his three heads screeching like harpies from the depths of Hell itself. Now all he had to do was wait. He didn't have to wait long as Grand King Ghidorah then appeared from the blackness of space and landed not too far away. Both acknowledging each other. The two ghidorah's cackled in anticipation ready to put this feud to an end for good, the main reason for why they met each other here at this certain location.

And the winner would also claim Earth for themseves becoming the next victim to their planet destroying spree.

The demonic hydra began the fight charging forth attempting to plow his rival to the ground only for Grand King Ghidorah to stop him in his tracks when he unleashed his gravity bolts which splashed against his armored hide. The beams did no more then slightly push the demonic three-headed dragon off his feet before breaking free from them and firing his own beams in return. Beams began to crisscross all around them that missed as they both neared other, eruptions of explosions everywhere sending dirt of the moon to skyrocket into the air. Any beams that struck Grand King Ghidorah, his reflective scales formed into that of a protective barrier granted his foe being equal to him still caused some damage to his body.

Both continued to spew their beams at one another until they got within reach engaging. Grand King Ghidorah brought out his foot kicking Desghidorah squarely in the chest only for the demonic three-headed dragon to latch out one of his heads and bite down onto him. One of the golden hydra's heads instantly bit down in return prying Desghidorah's head off. The three heads of both monsters kept on engaging until exchanging blow after blow until Grand King Ghidorah took to the air and continued to spew out his beams.

Desghidorah wailed out in frustration as the gravity bolts of his foe rained down on him. Sure he could take lots of punishment but there was only so much he could take. Latching out one of his heads. Desghidorah grabbed a hold of one of the Golden Hydra's feet pulling him down as Grand King Ghidorah shrieked out feeling the force of his body to slam into the moon leaving an impact crater.

Before Grand King Ghidorah had a chance to pull himself up. Desghidorah was on him rearing his legs up and slamming them against his relatives chest. Grand King Ghidorah screeched out feeling the powerful blows of his rival from every strike that came down, he could hear the bones in his body crack. Grand King Ghidorah had to find a way to free himself and instantly knowing he was heavier out of the two he used his strength to his advantage to pull himself forcing Desghidorah to lose his footing and tumble off of him.

Grand King Ghidorah didn't give Desghidorah enough time to get back up as pulled up one of his feet and smashed it onto one of his necks. The demonic hydra wailed out in pain as he felt the pressure of his relatives foot on his neck.

Grand King Ghidorah however wasn't done as this time he pulled his foot up again and brought it down to Desghidorah's head earning another painful wail from him despite the armor on his body offering some protection from it.

Before the Golden Terror could of continued. Two of Desghidorah's heads whipped up and bashed into Grand King Ghidorah's chest, powerful enough to knock wind out of his lungs as he staggered back.

The other head fired his hellish beams that struck under Grand King Ghidorah's feet causing dust from the moon to cover his surroundings. His three heads looked around trying to find where his foe went to. Suddenly he felt his body being slammed against as he was sent hundreds of feet into the air before crashing back down shrieking. Now that he was out of the dust he looked up and could see his foe charging once more. Grand King Ghidorah was on his feet in an instant when he reared his wings back and began to batter them.

Winds began to form as Grand King Ghidorah flapped out his wings over and over again. The immense force so powerful it was slowing Desghidorah down. For every step he tried to take, the further he was pulled back. Deciding to anchor his back feet. The demonic-three headed dragon brought one front foot forward before bringing forth the other then pressed them on the ground trying to move his back feet but it was no used the winds were too strong that despite his efforts to reach his rival he was pushed back once more. It didn't help when Grand King Ghidorah began to spew out his gravity bolts combined with the winds that were washing over his body. Out of options, the demonic dragon decided to take the risk as in a flash his wings were spread out and escaped his prison flying above.

Grand King Ghidorah angled his heads up continuing to fire bolts of his beams which were easily evaded as Desghidorah used his mobility to his advantage who quickly dived down. The middle head of Desghidorah belched forth his Hell's Fires, the hot flames washed over the golden hydra who was being forced to start walking backwards. Some of the blazing fire burnt some areas of his body, other areas the scales tried in vain to continue forming a shield through the fires light properties. Grand King Ghidorah screeched out in both pain and frustration. Pain from the terrible burns, frusteration that Desghidorah had him at the ropes. His vision blinded by Desghidorah's flames, the golden hydra desperately swung his heads around to separate them only for more to keep coming from Desghidorah's maw. Soon the two other heads joined in and unleashed an onslaught of their beams striking Grand King Ghidorah all over.

Grand King Ghidorah's feet skidded where Neil Armstrong once placed his first step on the moon along with the Apollo Lunar Module was erasing them from existence in seconds. As Grand King Ghidorah screeched out with Desghidorah continuing to assault him with his barrage of projectiles. Having had just enough the cosmic golden terror retaliated anchoring his feet to keep himself steady then suddenly out of rage break out of his beam prison Desghidorah had him in shocking and catching the demonic three-headed dragon surprised and off guard. His foe had gave out all his best now it was his turn to do the same. Gravity Bolts escaped from its owners maws but that wasn't all, both of Grand King Ghidorah's wings cackled with energy as it began to dance around the wings before firing red bolts from the tips. Desghidorah wailed out crashing back down, sparks flew from each beam that struck his armored scaly hide leaving cascades of gashes across. Grand King Ghidorah would not stop there, he kept unleashing his full firepower bombing Desghidorah all over. Suddenly he took flight while continuing not willing to give the demonic three-headed dragon a chance to take into the air again. A few moments passed and Desghidorah's surroundings exploded into a fireball all around him.

Grand King Ghidorah landed back watching as his rivals surroundings began to clear up. Considering his potential, Grand King Ghidorah doubted Desghidorah was done and was about to go all out again only for Desghidorah to charge out of the still clearing surroundings and ramming into Grand King Ghidorah in a bone shattering clash. At the last minute, Grand King Ghidorah manage to keep his footing as both began to push their weights against one another. Desghidorah so far had the advantage due to being quadrupedal thus more stable footing. Grand King Ghidorah panicked realizing he was at a losing end. He decided to even things out by latching his left heads mouth to the left head of Desghidorah's neck to keep himself up but it didn't go without notice. The right head of Desghidorah gnawed at Grand King Ghidorah's left head to get him to let go, however the golden hydra's right head interfered spatting out a gravity bolt knocking the head away, angrily Desghidorah's right head snapped at Grand King Ghidorah's right head only to miss by mere inches when it pulled back.

Both middle heads engaged with one another. Snapping their jaws at one another trying to get a hold of the other. Desghidorah's middle head roared out insisting for Grand King Ghidorah's to keep still only to roar back that he should instead. Suddenly by the split second, Grand King Ghidorah's grabbed hold of Desghidorah's who got shocked by this unexpected turns of events. Desghidorah tried to pry his middle head free but Grand King Ghidorah kept a tight firm squeezing with all his might using his jaw muscles, the middle head of Desghidorah felt some of the armor on his neck cracking making him more desperate to break free. Having caught acknowledge of this while engaging his rivals right head, the right head of the demonic dragon tried to interfere to save his 'brother' but Grand King Ghidorah's right head got in between cackling out. Scowling the head fired his beam knocking the head away leaving it stunned for the moment, then fired another at Grand King Ghidorah's middle head in the neck, the force of the beam prying its mouth off. Desghidorah's middle gasped for breath relieved to be free then turned his attention back to Grand King Ghidorah's central.

Resuming with their fight, the heads continued to do so. Meanwhile the right head of Desghidorah was still within the grasp of Grand King Ghidorah's right but that ended as soon as it put more strength to its neck muscles and finally broke free. Pulling back, Desghidorah's right slammed its head against Grand King Ghidorah's side like a bludgeon enough force to knock wind out of that sides lung. Suddenly finally having gotten Grand King Ghidorah to release him. Desghidorah suddenly reared on on his two back feet and planted both his frontal arms against Grand King Ghidorah's chest only for Grand King Ghidorah to keep himself up at the same time as the demonic three-headed dragon tried to push his legs strength against the golden three-headed dragon to push him down but had no such luck so far. One of Grand King Ghidorah's heads tried to bite down again only to be swatted away by another of the heads. Suddenly Desghidorah placed more strength into his body and with a stronger push broke Grand King Ghidorah's footing but not the way he expected, instead had the golden hydra skiddle back by twenty feet.

Grand King Ghidorah watched as Desghidorah came charging, knowing what to expect. The three-headed golden dragon took to the air having just barely dodged as Desghidorah ran under him. Turning around, Desghidorah roared out too taking to the air making a beeline towards Grand King Ghidorah letting out his entire disposal a combination of Hell's Flames and beams. At the same time the golden hydra in turn did as well. Beams were crisscrossing across them as most struck them with a few missing but paid little attention focusing their efforts on each other. Once they both drew in closer and closer Grand King Ghidorah began to batter his wings, the winds forming so powerful they were dying down Desghidorah's flames, the beams were a different story though while his left and right heads continued to fire. The middle head realizing his flames were useless decided to return Grand King Ghidorah back by flapping his wings, both winds from their owners clashing against the other, while at this point they stopped their onslaught of firepower. The combination of both winds eventually proved to be too much for both that it was literally becoming a hurricane forcing them both to cease which soon began to die down.

For the time being, the two just eyed each other gazing their faces at one another. Desghidorah broke the moment flying straight at Grand King Ghidorah but the golden dragon had a little trick up his sleeve. Focusing, Grand King Ghidorah attempted to control his rival's minds hoping perhaps they would be forced to attack one another but to his shock, there was no effect! It was as if Desghidorah was immune to his mind control or at least resistant, while other Ghidorah's would be suspectible to it, Desghidorah probably could thank his high level of power and role among the Ghidorah's alongside Grand King Ghidorah for his resistance.

Suddenly Desghidorah slammed into Grand King Ghidorah so head that he began pummeling in the air as he crashed back on the moons soil. The middle head flew above and fired its Hell's Flames showering the still downed Grand King Ghidorah with blanket of his hot flames.

Grand King Ghidorah felt as the fire covering him burnt his body but could thank his reflective barrier for not making it any worst. Rolling to his side, the golden three-headed dragon fired his gravity bolts. Thinking he had his foe at his mercy, the demonic three-headed dragon didn't see the gravity bolts coming and screeched out when the struck him forcing him to land alongside Grand King Ghidorah who was recovering at the moment from Desghidorah's flames. Quickly though Grand King Ghidorah was back up on his feet and looked down at the still recovering Desghidorah. Shooting his three heads down, each grabbed hold of Desghidorah and brought him up into the air, Desghidorah wailed trying to break free before being tossed hundreds of feet away at a nearby mountain, the force of the impact shattering part of it the demonic three-headed dragon came rolling down along with pieces of large boulders broken off during the impact, some covering over Desghidorah once he reached the ground.

Desghidorah shook his three heads feeling groggily before spotting Grand King Ghidorah advancing on him. The demonic three-headed hydra awaited for Grand King Ghidorah's next move but it never came, instead Grand King Ghidorah rose his heads up into the air and fired his gravity bolts at the mountain above Desghidorah instead. Desghidorah watched on confused until hearing a tumbling sound nearing him. Turning his heads, Desghidorah's six eyes opened with with shock as an rockslide of large boulders rained down on him, screeching out from each boulder that fell on him, the demonic dragon was soon engulfed from head to toe.

Grand King Ghidorah watched as Desghidorah was buried completely. To make sure his foe had been truly defeated. He unleashed his full firepower where Desghidorahs supposed grave laid. All around exploded causing moons soil, dirt and rocks to fly all over the place. Satified, the three-headed golden dragon roared out in victory now being the only holder of the Destroyer of Worlds. As soon as he rested from this whole ordeal, he'd make his way towards earth to claim it. Deciding to find a place to rest the the golden three-headed terror took to the air to search for a spot to rest.

Unknown to Grand King Ghidorah though. Death's door hadn't taken Desghidorah as he expected.

A few boulders stirred where Desghidorah was and soon Desghidorah burst out from his supposed tomb. His three heads looked around to see if his rival was around, as they gazed their owns all around their surroundings. Grand King Ghidorah apparently was nowhere to be seen. Even though he couldn't spot the golden three-headed terror anywhere, Desghidorah knew he was still somewhere on the moon probably resting expecting him to be dead which gave the demonic dragon an opportunity to ambush and possibly with luck kill his rival before he knew what hit him. He just had to find him though and that wasn't hard as his great senses allowed him to pick up Grand King Ghidorah's trail.

No time to waste, Desghidorah followed.

Grand King Ghidorah slowly flew down having decided to rest somewhere in this area where there was a large crater close by taking his moment of silence and peace content with his greatest victory yet. Now that Desghidorah was out of the way, he could be free to take all the planets in the whole universe to himself to slay without having to share it with what was once his equal. It'd probably take him days to fully heal but once he was back in good shape, he'd be ready to wipe out all life on earth. Grand King Ghidorah cackled in frusteration, if there was one thing he hated, it was having to wait and be patient. Sure he could go right now but if he did, there'd be a good chance humanity or earth's kaiju such as Godzilla, Gamera or Ultraman who were among earth's most powerful monsters could defeat him in the state he currently was now. It was a chance he did not want to take and decided to wait it out despite how much he didn't want to.

Not too far away. Desghidorah spotted Grand King Ghidorah a few miles away, his amazing eyesight allowed him to instantly spot his rival who now had other things in mind besides the fight they just had, it went as he expected he did indeed think he was dead! Desghidorah didn't want to mess this up. He silently and cautiously made his way towards Grand King Ghidorah waiting for the right time to deliver the fatal blow and take the title all for himself.

Once Desghidorah had gotten in close while Grand King Ghidorah still hadn't noticed to the demonic three-headed dragons surprise. Desghidorah's left and middle heads began to build up energy from within their maws before firing.

Grand King Ghidorah's eyes opened with shock as he felt the back of his heads being blasted! His moments of peace already over screeching out in pain before turning around gazing at to his surprise his foe still alive!

Desghidorah roared out angrily at himself. He was sure a strike to Grand King Ghidorah's heads would've atomized his faces but it seems he had underestimated his rivals durability. Either way though now that Grand King Ghidorah acknowledged him being alive, they would resume with their fight. Desghidorah's three heads screeched out letting Grand King Ghidorah know this fight was nowhere close to being over.

Grand King Ghidorah was infuriated. He was sure Desghidorah was dead but apparently he was wrong. Grand King Ghidorah was angry at himself for being too arrogant. He honestly should've known better to expect Desghidorah dead considering his reputation being equal to him. He wasn't going to make this mistake again. Despite his condition it didn't matter since like him, his rival too were injured during the course of their fight that put a toll on the two of them, so there they were both still pretty even unlike any of earth's powerful monsters he might possibly stumble across at full strength assuming that he ends up winning this fight. Either way, he'll kill him once and for all right here and now especially if its the last thing he can do.

Grand King Ghidorah began the fight again firing his gravity beams only for Desghidorah to leap out of harm's way and return fire with his beams, glancing his beams down at Grand King Ghidorah's body, he hoped to have him lose his footing however Grand King Ghidorah manage to keep himself up despite the beams blasting against his own feet. Realizing this wasn't working out, the demonic three-headed dragon advanced on Grand King Ghidorah while still firing his projectiles. Seeing his foe coming at him gave Grand King Ghidorah an idea. Taking to the air, he lifted himself his wings carrying him. Desghidorah caught himself at the last moment upon seeing the large crater in front of him stopping himself at a halt just inches from getting his foot caught in thin air of the opening crater. Grand King Ghidorah scowled out his plan having not gone as planned before diving down to try and kick him down.

Desghidorah watched as Grand King Ghidorah dove down with his feet stretched, feeling the golden hydra's feet pushing against him, the demonic three-headed dragon kept his feet tight onto the ground so he wouldn't fall in. Grand King Ghidorah tried again and again which wasn't working. Growing frustrated, Grand King Ghidorah was going to unleash his gravity beams until one of Desghidorah's heads slammed into his gut, shrieking the golden hydra fell in front of Desghidorah who then reached down with all three heads and heaving him over his body threw Grand King Ghidorah into the crater below as he rolled down to the bottom.

Upon reaching the bottom Grand King Ghidorah lifted his three heads up to see Desghidorah standing at the edge looking down. Now with his chance to attack. The demonic three-headed dragon flapped his red demonic wings and flew down towards Grand King Ghidorah. The golden hydra stood up unleashing his yellow gravity bolts but Desghidorah paid little attention to the beams that splashed against his armored hide and returned fire with his beams. Desperate, Grand King Ghidorah continued to open fire with an onslaught of more of his gravity bolts when he saw that they weren't slowing Desghidorah down, he was able to take to the air until the demonic dragon rammed into him bringing him down onto his back. Grand King Ghidorah wouldn't go down that easily though. Pulling out his left and middle heads, they grabbed hold of Desghidorah by the left frontal arm and brought him down causing him to fall one his side next to Grand King Ghidorah. The heads screeched out in annoyance. Desghidorah kicked his leg out slamming it against the golden hydra's thigh to get his heads mouths to let go but they kept their grips firm just as Grand King Ghidorah's right head belched out a gravity beam across Desghidorah's three heads temporary distracting him allowing the golden hydra to be back on his two feet while keeping his two other heads gripping Desghidorah to keep him down.

Grand King Ghidorah soon released his grip from Desghidorah and without giving his rival a chance to respond having just had enough of this long time feud going on wanting this fight to already end batted his wings as he defied gravity taking to the air before coming back down with both feet stretched. The demonic three-headed dragon screeched out in agony feeling the pressure of the golden hydra's feet smashing against his body. One of the heads firing a beam that tore through Grand King Ghidorah's wing leaving a hole but didn't cause the golden hydra to even flinch simply ignoring it as he once again flew up and came back down slamming his feet again. Over and over again Grand King Ghidorah continued to bring his feet down on Desghidorah hoping to crush his rival's bones inside to dust. So far he was proceeding as for every contact his feet made, the louder the bones in Desghidorah began to shatter. The middle and right heads groaned out weakly not being able to take much more of this punishment, while the left allowed unconsciousness to claim it becoming limp at this point.

Once Grand King Ghidorah felt it was enough. He looked down as he watched Desghidorah breathing heavily. The golden hydra cackled now that his foe was too weak to respond, he decided to give his long time rival a finishing and amusing death that came into his mind. Reaching down each head grabbed the still too weak Desghidorah before taking to the air escaping the crater. Noting the mountain from earlier in their fight, the golden three-headed hydra proceeded towards it as he flew above it. Figuring such a fall would finish his foe off. Grand King Ghidorah released his rival and watched as Desghidorah began to pummet through the vaccum of space down to the mountain.

Upon impact, the mountain slightly shook once Desghidorah made crash landing. Even pieces of his armored had shattered off of his body exposing red muscle tissue with blood and liquid oozing out.

The golden hydra landed on the mountain towering over Desghidorah. Making sure his foe was dead this time, to his surprised he saw his chest breathing in and out trying to catch for breath, the middle head looking up weakly trying its best to deny being defeated and continue in this fight. Upon seeing this, Grand King Ghidorah scowled and brought back his right foot and kicked it against the demonic hydra who fell off the mountain to the ground below. Once Desghidorah's almost prone body reached the moons ground. Grand King Ghidorah too was down there in an instantly having followed. The golden hydra began to cackle with glee. For sure now that title would end up becoming only his not to share.

Death's door slowly began to approach Desghidorah as he could hear his rival's cackles of victory ring to his ears as if life before his very eyes was flashing on and off on him. His body felt like total hell and he didn't know how much more he could take. Was it perhaps that maybe Grand King Ghidorah was meant to be the one to come out on top at the end of this feud? Desghidorah no longer cared, his relative has bested him at this point and if he continued to keep fighting, it'd be all in vain...

Suddenly something activated up within Desghidorah.

A course of rage filled Desghidorah's core but not rage to his foe but to himself but rather to himself. Rage for thinking that he'd just suddenly surrender. He had gone this far to achieve the title Destroyer of Worlds to just give up like that. He wasn't about to let his relative which he shared the title with for millions of years take it all for himself, if there was any chance of claiming the title while he still could, now was the best time.

Desghidorah's primal instincts had kicked in.

As Grand King Ghidorah was ready to finish his rival up once and for all and achieve the title he no longer had to share with Desghidorah. To Grand King Ghidorah's surprise. Desghidorah suddenly sprung up, if he could of at the last second, the golden hydra would've jumped back but wasn't able to when Desghidorah suddenly focused the best he could allowing energy to begin building up from within his body before the next thing Grand King Ghidorah knew it was being flown hundreds of feet away from Desghidorah's shock pulse. Grand King Ghidorah stunned by the attack took a few moments to recover before being back up but Desghidorah didn't give him a chance to attack when Desghidorah's middle and right heads latched their mouths onto Grand King Ghidorah's middle and right heads, same with the left head that had just awakened from unconsciousness. Shocked by this sudden turn. Grand King Ghidorah tried to break himself free but adrenaline that activated in Desghidorah's body began to run through his veins all over elevating it to new levels of strength. Suddenly Grand King Ghidorah felt a burning sensation going through every surrounding from inside his body. The golden hydra screeched in agony piercing through the vacuum of space as Desghidorah pumped and discharged hot electricity into his rivals body which left Grand King Ghidorah too stunned to attack since every muscle was being paralyzed.

Once Desghidorah felt it was enough, using his strength he tossed Grand King Ghidorah another hundred feet away crashing. Grand King Ghidorah's body was still too stunned and stiff to move feeling numbness all over. The golden hydra cackled out as Desghidorah approached, all three heads starring down at him. Grand King Ghidorah watched on helpless once Desghidorah's middle head latched down grabbing Grand King Ghidorah's middle head by the nape of the neck biting down so hard into his thick scales it drew blood. The golden hydra shrieked once Desghidorah began to pull with all his might, if Grand King Ghidorah could, he'd flail around trying to break free as the middle head of Desghidorah continued to pull at his middle head. Grand King Ghidorah felt the neck joint, muscles and spine beginning to seperate cracking and tearing from his own body.

For the time being it continued to go on and then with a sickening tear. Desghidorah tore Grand King Ghidorah's middle head from his neck as it fell limp blood spilling from both the severed head and stump on the bodies neck where it once sat. The two other heads shrieked out, their life flashing before their eyes from the immense blood loss which kept escaping from their body which the combination of that and the still numbness going through them leaving the now two headed Grand King Ghidorah helpless.

Figuring he was nearing victory. Desghidorah's middle head still kept the severed middle head of Grand King Ghidorah within his maw and decided to finally end the feud here once and for all. Marching away from the helpless Grand King Ghidorah. The demonic three-headed dragon reared up on his two back legs and then slammed his front feet against the moon's surface. Grand King Ghidorah's two heads watched on in horror as the ground under Desghidorah's feet began to split apart quickly approaching him taking soil and dirt into the ravine below as lava from the moons core erupted geysers of it. Grand King Ghidorah could do nothing other then experience his final moments of life until the ravine reached him and the three-headed golden terror screeched in horror falling into the abyss below which slowly began closing up shortly after leaving nothing behind. The moon becoming Grand King Ghidorah's grave.

Desghidorah watched as the final end of the ravine shut tightly before screeching out into the air victorious! He had prevailed! The millions of years old feud for the title Destroyer of Worlds was finally over and with his rival finally dead was all his to himself!

Looking up into the darkness of space. Desghidorah's middle head grasped what was left of his rival Grand King Ghidorah. His severed middle head, he'd dispose of it eventually but for the time being like some kind of sick trophy, he wanted to show the whole universe he had defeated him hoping perhaps it'd make any kaiju think twice trying to face him if they saw him with it. After what felt like forever though as Desghidorah slowly reached the end of the Moon looking down towards Earth ready to take it for his own in days to come.

Soon the entire world would know his now true potential.

Winner: Desghidorah
Desghidorah vs. Grand King Ghidorah
Damn! What a way to begin the new year. Probably hands down and without a doubt my longest and most challenging match I've written yet. Hopefully I've kept of you my watches that promise that this match would deliver. I have really nothing else to really say other then enjoy! I still have more matches to come eventually. ;)

Please fav and comment.

Up next: Utsuno Ikusagami, Frankenstein & Sanda vs. Orochi (Heisei) & Kumasogami
The intergalactic space dragon known as King Ghidorah has been ravaging Japan for hours now as if it just happened unexpectedly. Already, the King of Terror left wakes of destruction behind his path on many great cities killing thousands, if not possibly even millions of lives. Most of Japan's military ranging from tanks to helicopters did everything they could to stop King Ghidorah but in the end it was all in vain as they all joined along with the victims that died by the space dragons hands. To King Ghidorah they were nothing but child's play and with them all out of the way now. He could make it to his next destination; Tokyo, Japan.

The Self Defense Force upon hearing that all military had failed to stop King Ghidorah, instantly sent their machine none other then Jet Jaguar to stop the space menace as a last attempt he'd stop King Ghidorah.

As Jet Jaguar soared through the atmosphere. He had caught sight of King Ghidorah making his way towards Tokyo. The humanoid machine knew he had to do something to prevent the space demon from reaching the city.

Without a second thought. Jet Jaguar dove down making his way towards King Ghidorah.

For every flap of his mighty bat like wings. King Ghidorah was getting closer to his destination every second. That's when he heard something as his three heads twisted around to see what only to be met with a mechanic foot striking his left head across the face. King Ghidorah's left head screeched in pain as the three headed dragon staggered a few steps quickly recovering before seeing who was responsible. It looked like a human, the very things the intergalactic demon enjoyed terrorizing except gigantic, made of metal and sported various different type of colors. King Ghidorah scowled in anger. Did this pathetic robot now know who he was? He was the King of Terror, the mighty King Ghidorah. He wasn't going to let this being mock his title.

King Ghidorah attacked.

Jet Jaguar watched as King Ghidorah opened his three maws and spewed out his yellow rays, before they could hit him. The heroic machine was quick on his feet and jumped out of harm's way making the dragon miss his target. Turning his body, King Ghidorah spewed his rays once more but missed again when Jet Jaguar got down and somersaulted out of the way.

Standing in front of his foe. Jet Jaguar instantly realized that he couldn't fight King Ghidorah here and had to get him as far away from the city as possible not wanting to risk ending up there later where many lives he was created to protect could be lost if they continued to fight where they are now. Mind made up, Jet Jaguar spun his body and took to the skies.

King Ghidorah watched as his opponent was flying off. He wasn't going to let the machine get away with humiliating him. The city could wait later. Right now though, it was time to teach his foe a lesson that no one messes with the King of Terror himself. Flapping out his wings, King Ghidorah too lifted himself to the sky following Jet Jaguar on hot pursuit.

As Jet Jaguar flew. He turned his head to see if King Ghidorah was on his trail and saw that he was. The plan was a success, now the only thing to do is find a far away place as possible and continue the fight there.

King Ghidorah was still on hot pursuit and unleashed more of his golden rays. Jet Jaguar however spotted the bolts in time and reacted quick enough to avoid them. King Ghidorah growled angered that he missed. He'll destroy his opponent even if it was to the ends of the cosmos itself. As the three headed space dragon followed. Jet Jaguar soon felt that he was far away from civilization as possible and proceeded to land.

Setting foot back on the earth. Jet Jaguar waited for King Ghidorah to land. Soon the intergalactic demon landed as well and the two opponents gazed their eyes at each other. Letting out a fighting stance, Jet Jaguar prepared for battle.

King Ghidorah cackled in anger. Was this foe really trying to mock him? If so he was doing a good job and now he was going to end this for good. As King Ghidorah was about to attack. The heroic machines eyes suddenly flashed forcing the space dragon to shield his eyes shrieking. Jet Jaguar charged forwards assaulting him with a barrage of chops. Each blow forcing King Ghidorah to stagger back. Regaining sight, the left head latched out sinking its teeth into the robots shoulder however Jet Jaguar wouldn't have it as he quickly grasped hold of it and delivered a chop, the force of the pain forcing the head to release him. Another head came down only for Jet Jaguar to grab a hold of it by the jaws trying in vain to keep it out of reach from chomping down on it. The other heads went onto the attack spewing their gravity beams showering Jet Jaguar with them as sparks flew into the air as the multi-colored machine freed the head he had in his grasp.

Jet Jaguar shook himself but before he could look, King Ghidorah kicked his foot on striking the robot squarely in the gut before firing more gravity beams from all three mouths. The robot brought up his arms to shield himself from the projectile attack but they proved to be more powerful then he thought offering no little protection. Some of his armor had became dented, other parts blew pieces off.

King Ghidorah ceased attacking watching to see the area where his foe stood clear up hoping he had been defeated. Unfortunately for him his foe was nowhere close to being defeated when Jet Jaguar jumped out from the dusty surroundings struck King Ghidorah with a spinning kick to the chest. While it didn't make King Ghidorah budge, it surely still hurt which knocked wind out of the dragons lungs. Jet Jaguar was about to kick out again only for the right head to clamp down onto it. Before Jet Jaguar knew it, he felt himself being lifted into the air as the head shook him around like a rag doll until tossing him hundreds of feet away in an earth shattering thud leaving an impact crater in his shape.

Jet Jaguar looked up to see King Ghidorah advancing on him. He watched as he began to fire out his beams but just as they were within reach, the heroic robot rolled out of the way just as they struck the ground sending rocks and dirt flying in his place.

Quickly getting back up. Jet Jaguar once again engaged King Ghidorah who continued to assault him with more beams only for the robot to keep dodging before pulling a somersault and driving his feet down at King Ghidorah, the force of the feet skidding the space dragon back. Jet Jaguar grabbed hold of one of the necks and began to do chop attacks against it before kneeing King Ghidorah, then grabbed a hold of the middle neck and brought his face down planting a chop at his face.

King Ghidorah cackled in frustration, this foe was proving to be an annoyance, he came to earth on intent on leveling its cities, not to fight whatever this being was.

As Jet Jaguar was going to continue with his attacks. One of the heads bit down onto his hand, its teeth piercing through the tough metal. The humanoid android tried to pull his hand out but the head kept firm. Attempting to chop at it with his free hand, he too felt that being grabbed by another of King Ghidorah's heads and felt himself being lifted off his feet as the middle head starred at him ready to finish him off.

If only Jet Jaguar didn't have other plans that is.

Suddenly Jet Jaguar activated his lights from his eyes blinding the middle head, then with a push of his feet, he planted them against the space hydra's chest prying the other heads mouths off of his hands as King Ghidorah crashed on his back. Jet Jaguar looked at his hands, besides some openings with sparks coming out, they were still functional to use. He decided though that King Ghidorah was more powerful then he thought and decided to pull a different approach. Doing a series of hand signs and noises before a bright flash engulfed him, Jet Jaguar was now the size of a human.

King Ghidorah pulled himself back up to his feet hellbent on destroying his foe was and for all only to see he wasn't there. Confused, his three heads looked around where the robot had went to.

As King Ghidorah continued to search for him. Jet Jaguar quietly and sneakily ran across King Ghidorah who unknowingly didn't know he turned small and was just next to him. Once the humanoid robot was behind the space dragon. Jet Jaguar did the same series of hand signs and noises.

King Ghidorah suddenly heard odd noises coming from behind him but before he could turn to see the culprit, his entire surroundings got covered in light. The golden dragon screeched as the flash then quickly vanished and standing before him was Jet Jaguar only taller.

Shocked by these turns of events. King Ghidorah was too stunned to respond at his now taller opponent before the robot reached down wrapping his arms around the three-headed terror in a bear hug. King Ghidorah began to violently struggle and kicked his legs around to break free but for the more he tried to, the tighter Jet Jaguar held on. Feeling that he was at the advantage. Jet Jaguar began to put strength behind his arms hoping to crush the golden terror to death. King Ghidorah struggled even harder as he felt his bones underneath crack from the pressure his foe was placing on him, one of the heads gnawed at Jet Jaguar's shoulder to get him to free himself but the robot paid little attention who was focusing heavily on defeating the cosmic terror for good. A few organs ruptured from within King Ghidorah causing blood to sweep down from one of his mouths. Another head desperately tried to fire his beam but with his body being tightly squeezed, made it almost impossible to do. Out of options, King Ghidorah had one last idea to get himself out of this. The middle head wrapped its neck around Jet Jaguar's large face coiling around it like a Python with its prey.

Caught off-guard by this. Jet Jaguar heard his alarms going on and off that he was in deep trouble since the pressure from the coiled neck began to short circuit major functioning parts in his face. Loosening one of his arms while keeping the other restrained around King Ghidorah, he reached up and tried in vain to pull the coiled neck off but the golden hydra kept it tight. Realizing there was no other way. He brought up his other arm freeing King Ghidorah and grabbed the coiled next with it as well prying it off with ease. Before Jet Jaguar could have the chance to toss the dragon, the golden hydra spat out his gravity beams not only knocking him away but releasing his grip as King Ghidorah allowed his wings to catch his fall and setting foot on the earth gently.

Jet Jaguar shook himself before glarring at King Ghidorah who screeched out. Knowing that becoming bigger would slow his movement down, he did his series of hand signs and reverted back to normal giant size before charging forwards at King Ghidorah ready to attack.

Watching his foe coming at him. The golden three-headed terror began to bat his wings creating strong gusts of winds nearly blew Jet Jaguar off his feet had he not of anchored them completely. The humanoid robot tried to take a step forward but upon trying he nearly got blown away and quickly anchored his foot back down. Now with his foe at his mercy, the space hydra advanced on him continuing to bat his wings in the process along with spewing his gravity beams. Jet Jaguar tried to keep himself up but the gravity beams that were deckering all over made it hard. He wasn't even sure what to do now as King Ghidorah slowly approached.

Once King Ghidorah was within reach he ceased batting his wings but continued to fire his projectiles. Each strike from them causing sparks to form and fly from Jet Jaguar's body leaving scratches, deep dents and openings with exposed circuits being shown all over.

Another blast from King Ghidorah's gravity beam sent Jet Jaguar toppling. Rolling to his front, the robot tried to pull himself up but suddenly was forced back down when King Ghidorah placed a foot on his back. Not willing to give the robot a chance. The three-headed space dragon lifted himself up into the air and dove down plowing his feet against the heroic machine and kept doing so again and again.

Jet Jaguar's condition was worsening as his alarms shown getting worse the louder they became. Already he could feel the force of King Ghidorah's strength crush his insides shattering all over. He desperately tried to break free but at this point it was no use. King Ghidorah had him where he wanted him. He had severely underestimate the destroyer of worlds and it was something he regretted having let humanity down whom he swore to protect.

A few moments after. King Ghidorah stopped his assault towering over the machine. Kicking him over to his front, he checked to see if his foe was still capable of fighting. Despite a few occasional twitches, Jet Jaguar didn't respond.

However King Ghidorah didn't want to take that chance.

Unleashed his gravity beams all over Jet Jaguar. The robots entire surroundings erupted into an explosion, sparks and flames shattering every. King Ghidorah watched as the surroundings cleared up and all that was left of Jet Jaguar was his destroyed remains and scrap metal shattered all over.

Victorious, King Ghidorah cackled into the air. A cackle to let those know of his mighty terror and not to mess with him.

Turning his body and taking to the air. King Ghidorah made a beeline for Tokyo, Japan.

Hopefully he would go unopposed this time.

Winner: King Ghidorah (Heisei)
Jet Jaguar vs. King Ghidorah (Heisei)
My fourth Kaiju Match I've done.

Next up: Godzilla (Heisei) & Gamera (Heisei) vs. Destoroyah

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Berlin was completely devastated.

Just over a month ago the extraterrestrial insect queen known as Legion made her presence known and turned the city into her very own nest allowing her swarm to flourish and place a large flower where the Fernsehturm Tower once laid. What was once a proud city inhabited by people was now gone.

There were many casualties in the populace of what was once over three million people. It came without warning as if it never happened. Europe's defense force did all they could do to stop Legion and her swarm but in the end fell to their wrath and became nothing but rubble left to be wasted on the now deserted streets.

But they would not die in vain.

Legion stood in silence enjoying her moment of peace as he children continued to work growing the colony throughout the evening as the sun in the horizon began to slowly go down.

That's when it happened...

Something up in the sunset sky caught the silicon life-forms attention as the clouds parted away. Suddenly a beam of sunlight rained down as the light glew more brightly upon hitting the earth that. If Legion had eyelids, she would of shielded her eyes as the brightness engulfed her surrounding. As the light faded away. The next thing she knew was a being of gold and silver starring before her.

Utsuno Ikusagami glarred daggers at the monstrous insect. While Legion might of not been an evil monster who was just solely relying on primal instinct to reproduce, the warrior none the less wasn't about to let her get away with the innocents she and her colony wiped out. Making the earth her breeding ground was a mistake the knight would make her regret. Anything that dared take innocent life away was an enemy to the Gods and he would not stand for that. He might of been too late to save all the people, but he can at least avenge their deaths.

Legion eyed this mysterious being warily. Whatever it was, it was surely a threat. Her answered proved to be correct when the warrior began the fight firing his medallion beam only for the silicon insect to form a barrier with her ten front appendages preventing the beam from hitting her. Upon seeing this, the paladin fired it again but where she couldn't shield herself. Legion wailed out as she backpedaled, the blast from Utsuno's beam scorching her silicon like armor. Before she had a chance to react, the divine warrior reached out and grasped hold of one of her petal like arms surging holy energy into it. The insect queen wailed out in agony as she felt the energy course through her; With relative ease, Legion thrusted her head up knocking Utsuno away.

Parting her proboscis in two. Electricity began to build up and then launched her beam as it struck Utsuno Ikusagami head on in the chest, sparks formed as they flew into the air.

Utsuno Ikusagami clutched his chest. Never had he felt such force from an attack. Looking down to see if his armor was okay, he thought it would've been damaged but besides a slight dent it was rather okay. Utsuno would not underestimate this foe again.

Legion fired another electric beam only for Utsuno at the last minute to bring up his barrier preventing the attack from hitting him. Legion fired another but did the same. As the divine paladin brought his shield down, he advanced on the silicon queen delivering a swift punch to her face. The blow of the force didn't do much, it didn't even force her to stagger back. Utsuno was about to attack again when Legion latched out her arms sparks flew into the air as they slashed across the knight's armor but it didn't slow him down. Grasping two of the nearby arms, Utsuno Ikusagami pulled with all of his might until...


Legion screeched out in pain where pressurized oxygen spewed out where her arms once laid. Greatly angered that her foe did such an insult. She blasted her electrical beam once again. Tossing the two appendages to the ground, the knight was quick to duck as the beam soared over him striking a an apartment instead that went up in flames. Utsuno Ikusagami returned the favor with his own beam glancing it across Legion's body before striking her right in the face. Legion wailed out the force of the beam chipping pieces of her silicon face.

As Utsuno finished up using his beam. He got caught off-guard as Legion charged smashing her weight against his but the knight manage to anchor his feet at the last minute before grasping her as both began to push their weights against one another. For the moment they seemed to be in a stalemate only for Utsuno to pull his fist back and jab her in the chest, the raw power behind the blow sending her skidding as debris and dirt flew into the air.

Utsuno was ready to fire his beam again but before he had the chance to a large silver leg sprouted out from the ground striking the warrior, thanks to his armor it didn't manage to pierce him at all. Grasping the large leg, Utsuno pounded against it while keeping his other arm on it coursing holy energy into it weakening its structure; With one final blow. The divine warrior's fist shattered the leg to pieces, more oxygen escaping from its owners body. Launching his beam, Utsuno tried to aim for her head at the chance he would rupture it and put an end to this fight but Legion brought up her signature barrier with her remaining arms again preventing the attack from reaching her blocking it.

Legion answered him back with her beam washing it over his body forcing him to one knee. Legion continued to shower him with more of it until Utsuno's entire surroundings erupted into an explosion with sparks following. Legion just sat there waiting for a respond, after seeing what her foe was capable of, she doubted that he was dead. She proved to be correct when Utsuno emerged from the still clearing dust in the air with only a few scratches and dent marks on his armor.

During the time being of the fight, the sky at this point had suddenly became twilight.

To Utsuno, this Legion has proved herself to be a rather challenging foe. He decided to bring out his ultimate weapon. Stretching his arm out into the air and holding out his hand. A sword of enchanted holy energy appeared, swinging it to test its weight. The warrior then advanced on Legion. The silicon insect queen continued to fire more of her beams, despite the forming dents into the warrior's armor, he pretty much ignored them as he continued to approach. Worrying, Legion was about to retreat but didn't have that chance once Utsuno was within reach and with a swing chopped off another of her frontal arms earning a wail of agony to escape from Legion's mouth. Another swipe and the warrior left a deep gash under her head. Reaching out, he grabbed a hold of one of her lower mandibles and with a yang tore it right out. Legion screeching out more in pain then ever. If she didn't do anything right now she'd be finished.

Knowing what to do, she sent out an unknown command from her children to deal with Utsuno.

Suddenly clicking sounds caught Utsuno's attention stopping his assault on his foe. Confused what was going on, his answer suddenly came when numerous black shapes began to emerge from buildings, city blocks and underground. Like Legion they were insectoid but not as big but what made up for their size were their numbers as various of Legion's soldiers armed with deadly claws and jaws marched forth towards her mother's enemy having been called to take care of him. Before Utsuno had a chance to react. They began crawling up him clinging to every side of his body covering him head to toe being forced into dropping his sword in the process. Thanks to his armor, pain was no problem, the problem was getting these creatures off of him. Utsuno violently shook around to dislodge them but couldn't manage to. He even went as far as to smashing his fists against his body, some were crushed and fell off but did little help as more continued to crawl on top on him.

Legion watched with satisfaction to see her foe struggling. Deciding to tip the odds more in her favor, she unleashed more of her swarm from her egg sac from her chest as they flew towards their target joining their siblings.

Even though he could barely see right now. Utsuno saw as Legion sent out more of her arm from her sac while still struggling. He continued to plow his fists against his body killing a few for every blow he delivered but it was no use. They just kept coming as they tried to tear into his armor but with no such luck. Knowing there was no other way out of this. Utsuno Ikusagami did the only other thing that was possible to escape.

Focusing, the divine paladin allowed holy energy to course throughout his body which began to surge, suddenly without warning, a shock wave of intense energy erupted from his body sending Legion's entire swarm falling in the thousands littering the streets dead collapsing on top of vehicles and other things that were on the ground below.

The remaining soldiers that had yet to have crawled onto Utsuno or manage to avoid getting caught in the crossfire of his pulse attack, the divine warrior decided to take care of the rest of them by shooting out his medallion beam glancing it across the ground hitting every soldier, not one manage to escape as the beams firepower disintegrate them to nothing.

Legion watched on with horror to see her foe escape from her colony's clutches. Wailing out over the loss of her colony.

Having dispatched the remaining of Legion's brood. Utsuno took notice of his sword on the ground that he lost earlier, reached down and grabbed it before turning his attention back to Legion only to be struck in the face by another of her beam. Before he could recover, he was struck yet again by other. Legion began to slowly approach as she continued to fire her beam; Just as the next beam was about to hit Utsuno Ikusagami. In a flash, Utsuno Ikusagami summoned a pair of golden bladed wings on his back each tip with a red orb. Legion got shocked by these turn of events as the warrior defied gravity lifting himself into the air, Legion's final beam just missing by mere inches as he set foot off of the earth. The divine warrior looked down at Legion as energy began to build up from within his medallion before launching his sun beam. As the beam struck Legion, she wailed out as he in turn began to assault her back. When the final beam struck Legion, she looked to see Utsuno soar above him and land behind her. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain feeling a jab into her own body earning a painful wail.

Utsuno pulled out his sword which upon leaving Legion's body, oxygen continued to spray out just like where he had harmed her. Quickly turning with rage, the silicon queen released her beam.

At the last minute. Utsuno activated his shield preventing the projectile from hitting him. He started to advance on Legion while keeping his shield up. As he neared closer. Legion continued to shoot out her beam and Utsuno keeping his shield activated. That's when Utsuno brought it down and at a good time as Legion ceased using her beam. Legion expected Utsuno to attack her with her sword but he had other plans.

Having seen where her swarm came from earlier and how there were so many in the city, the warrior definitely knew there'd be a good chance she'd summon more of them again and the time was the best to act know by ridding the source of her colony. Legion screeched out when she felt Utsuno plunged his hand into her egg sac ripping it completely out from her body. Backpedaling back screeching she watched with despair as the warrior smashed the egg sac to the ground and stomped on it shattering it to hundreds of pieces.

Grief filled Legion's core as Utsuno had now destroyed her final chances of creating another colony, not only were they her soldiers but also her children, her own flesh and blood she cared deeply for. Rage in her had never been so big. That was the final line he had crossed. She'd make this foe regret going this far.

As Utsuno turned back to Legion, that's when she continuously assaulted him with a barrage of her beams that kept striking Utsuno down. The divine warrior was surprised at this foes sudden turn of aggression, never had throughout their fight she began to act this way, he honestly knew the reason though having destroyed her entire colony, there couldn't be any other reason, deep down Utsuno in the end realized Legion was just an creature acting out of its primal need to survive and continue the species hence the entire populace in the city being wiped out which wasn't out of evil but that mattered little since if he allowed it to happen. The species would wipe out every living thing on the earth, the very world and people he swore to protect and he could not allow that to happen whether evil or not. Utsuno hated to admit it, he kind of felt sorry, life in the whole universe was sacred in their own ways however there'd come a time in a place when even a species dependent on survival has to be dealt with in order to keep the world safe, Legion's kin were no exception.

Legion suddenly found herself surprised as Utsuno broke out from her attacks and charged head-on. Desperate she continued to fire her beams but the armored warrior paid little attention before slamming his fist into her proboscis shattering it. Its pieces fell from her body as Legion then wailed out before falling face first to the ground, the lights in her eyes going completely dim.

Utsuno watched on cautiously to make sure his foe was dead. For a few moments Legion didn't seem to stir at all. He figured that at this point she was. Deciding to finish this. The warrior raised his sword to deliver the final blow.

For the time being, there was only silence and the sun in the horizon disappeared replacing the twilight sky with a dusk setting.

But most of all. Legion wasn't dead just yet...

Suddenly Legion's eyes flashed but instead of the usual blue were crimson red eyes replacing them now. Suddenly Legion sprung up and strands of red searing energy formed from the stump where her proboscis once laid. Utsuno had no time to react as the strands struck him, willpower allowed him to keep a tight firm onto his sword so he wouldn't drop it as he was forced to backpedal from the immense blows, his armor was holding up for the most part but to his surprise the strands were cutting slightly deep into his armor leaving burnt smudges and melting some of his armor a bit causing small droplets to drop like melted candle wax. Never had anything almost penetrate his armor like this. Even his nemesis Orochi couldn't do such a thing. Sure his armor is holding up but for how long before the strands pierced through his armor completely?

Legion continued her attack sure that she now had her enemy at the ropes. It'd only be a matter of time until they manage to get through him. As she advanced on him, each step back her foe would take.

Utsuno manage to regain stable composure to his mind. Sure this foe's power might of been great but in the ends of it. She was just a simple creature from space. He was more then that and just like his countless battles against different kinds of monsters and trials alike to achieve his place as the God of the Sun, he always manage to prevail. He wasn't about to let this one slide.

New levels of willpower elevated into Utsuno as he broke free from the strands temporary bringing up his shield which deflected the whips before taking flight into the air. Legion watched on in surprise as he then brought his shield down while landing next to her and stabbed his sword into her side. Legion wailed out, trying in vain to turn in order to continue assaulting him with her red strands but Utsuno didn't give her that choice as he then swung his sword down cutting through one of her back legs like a hot knife through butter. Legion shrieked collapsing from the loss of her leg, the strands still activated but now useless since she could no longer move her body that much to target her foe. Keeping himself away from the strands. Swinging down again he sliced off two of her arms causing a shriek, then stabbed her once again allowing another mournful wail. Utsuno Ikusagami looked on at his now helpless foe. There was no denying it now for sure but she was surely defeated at this point. Since that was the case, this fight had gone on long enough. Utsuno Ikusagami was going to finish this. Rearing his sword up with both hands on the handle, the divine warrior brought it down. One moment Legion was experiencing the last moments of her life, the second everything blacked out for her as Utsuno drove his sword into her head, the tip bursting out from the bottom. The lights in Legion's eyes dimmed away and red strands disappearing as Utsuno Ikusagami pulled his sword out allowing the now lifeless corpse of Legion to collapse in an earth shattering thud.

Placing his arms to his sides as night suddenly had arrived at the same time. The divine warrior was finally content in his victory having saved earth and mankind from Legion along with avenging the innocents lost to this day. However he still couldn't help but feel sorrow. Again although Legion wasn't an evil monster, the fact it still chose earth to breed its species forced Utsuno having to take actions into stopping her since it risked the lives of innocents. Hopefully he would never have to do this to another similar being again as long as it wouldn't involve the very humans he's been protecting for thousands of years.

All he could hope to do is that Legion was finally at peace but there was one last thing to do. Having taken notice of the large flower upon arriving here which he figured at the chance could stir trouble up as well. Utsuno washed his beam over it as it exploded into a fireball burning away what's left of it.

The knight looked around for a moment; With Legion and her brood gone, the once proud city seemed oddly peaceful despite how quiet it was besides the occasional blowing gust of the wind and burning cackling sounds of Legion's destroyed flower. Now with his work finally having been done here, he figured the time here on earth for him was coming to an end. Utsuno Ikusagami bent his knees and leapt up into the air returning to his realm as the light engulfed him before completely vanishing.

Winner: Utsuno Ikusagami
Utsuno Ikusagami vs. Legion
My sixteenth kaiju match that I have done.

Up Next: Orochi (Heisei) vs. Kumasogami

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Death Valley.

The hottest place on earth where only the lifeforms that have adapted to the very environment could survive without dying from the hellish temperatures. The very land was like the earth equivalent of Hell itself for this very reason. Many people who got lost or been to there have died, while others luckily lived. For those reasons. This was why it is considered one of the most deadliest places on the face of the earth and today it was about to become more deadly as two monstrous beings would clash.

Roaming through the scorching desert was evil incarnate, just his appearance and first look at it alone was enough to spell it. A fiendish monster born from the very weapon that killed the original Godzilla. It was none other than Destoroyah.

The Precambrian terror chuckled evilly thinking about all the misery and pain he has brought upon this very world. Just now from this moment. Destoroyah had already recently turned entire cities into rubble under his feet killing many innocent souls just for the sake of fun, his only purpose in life he wished to fulfill until nothing on earth was left alive. Armies had tried to take him down but all failed. In the end; It was all in vain as they were all reduced to nothing in the process.

As Destoroyah continued on with his path. That's when he was put at a halt and looked down as he began to hear something coming from the ground in front of him which began to split apart. Sand and rocks began to fall into the pit as it glowed red, once it opened wide enough. The next thing Destoroyah witnessed was an being rising from inside, crawling out of its domain. Once it stepped forth onto the hot grounds of the desert, the being stood at full height. It wasn't like any other creature Destoroyah had seen before. Its entire body was composed of thick molten like rock along with standing and having the structure of that of a human, the very insects that Destoroyah likes to inflict terror into. Most of all, similar to Destoroyah. This very being too had an appearance that spelt death as an obvious hot liquid from the core of the planet dripped from his mouth sizzling upon dropping to the earth.

It was none other then the lord of hell itself, Kumasogami.

Kumasogami had came here upon hearing about the very monster standing in front of him and he was enraged! No not enraged, that's just being polite in his view. If anything, he was extremely livid! Livid on the fact that Destoroyah is taking the very thing he lived for. Pain, misery and death, if that wasn't enough, the last straw was those pitiful humans calling Destoroyah the devil itself and demon among monsters. He didn't care how evil and sadistic this monster was. That was his title and he would let no monster take it away from him. It was his purpose and goal to cause horror and destruction among the world, not this mutant impersonator that was created through man's weaponry who unlike him wasn't born an actual demon from the depths of Hell. Today, Kumasogami was going to claim back everything stolen from him.

The first thing that came to Destoroyah's mind was to let out a roar in hopes of intimidating his foe, however he failed to do so as Kumasogami showed no fear and simply laughed at his foes attempt in trying to do so. Destoroyah was shocked, something he never thought would've ever happened. A monster showing no fear from him. Even Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, the only monster that actually gave him pause had shown the slightest of fear from Destoroyah's power but here this being didn't.

Before Destoroyah could react as the very thought distracted him. The lord of hell morphed his hands into a bow and arrows. Joining his hands together and then arching his arrows back, he fired his arrows at Destoroyah which detonated on impact against Destoroyah's hide bathing him in explosions as the mutant crustacean collapsed to the ground on his back forcing desert sand around to be sent flying into the air and forms of dust clouds to surround him. Before Destoroyah had the chance to lift himself back up on his feet, Kumasogami was soon standing over him. This time the molten damnation changed one of his hands into a sword like blade, raised it over his head and was ready to swing it down at Destoroyah's face hoping to instantly kill him.

Unfortunately for Kumasogami. Destoroyah had other plans for him.

The next thing Kumasogami knew was before he could jab his sword into Destoroyah's head. A blast of the infamous Oxygen-Destroyer beam slammed against his chest. Purplish energy kept pushing against the lord of hell as he felt pieces of his molten rock like skin blast off of his body forcing him to stagger back. This gave Destoroyah time to pull himself back up as he snarled angrily. This meant war. If this was a fight the monster that assaulted him wanted. He'd give him one.

As Kumasogami recovered from the hit he received. He looked down to see pieces of molten rock like skin as his life blood oozed out from the open wounds. Burning fury engulfed his eyes. While he may of suffered worst. He'd make sure his foe would still pay for that insulting attack.

Before he could look up, Another purplish beam from Destoroyah struck but this time in the face staggering the molten damnation back. Destoroyah approached ready to swing his horn katana hoping to slice his foe in half but Kumasogami was quick to recover once again and ducked. Since his foe was near him. Kumasogami decided to engage him in physical combat as he clenched one of his hands into a fist and swung it decking Destoroyah in the jaw. Another blow from Kumasogami forced Destoroyah take a step back and then another as the lord of Hell itself continued to attack him with a barrage of punches.

Destoroyah broke free from his assault when he grasped Kumasogami's swinging fist with his clawed hand stopping him. The molten abomination tried to break his hand free but Destoroyah kept it firmed. Destoroyah began to put pressure to Kumasogami's hand, his rock like skin beginning to crack from the strength of his foe.

Kumasogami punched Destoroyah to get him to let go but didn't phrase one bit. Deciding to put more power behind his fist. Kumasogami finally freed himself upon striking Destoroyah in the same spot once more saving his hand from being crushed to pieces. Morphing one of his hands once more, they shape shifted into his signature blade and tried to swing it at Destoroyah but the mutant crustacean jumped out of harm's way who responded back with another beam.

Feeling the force of Destoroyah's beam once more. Kumasogami anchored his feet to the desert's sand so he wouldn't fall while groaning from the pain he tried to resist. He tried to wait for Destoroyah to stop spewing out his signature attack but after a few moments, it seemed that he wouldn't stop. Reverting to his bow and arrows, the molten damnation fired his arrows blasting just under Destoroyah's feet.

Destoroyah shrieked as he backpedaled caught off-guard by the arrows deteonating under him. All of a sudden Kumasogami came charging forwards, faster then the eye could see. Kumasogami swung his bladed arm down which he just changed moments ago before...


Destoroyah shrieked out in agonizing pain as his right wing fell to the ground with a heavy thud. Green blood began to gush out of the stump where his wing used to lie but Kumasogami wasn't finished. Next he chopped off Destoroyah's left arm earning another shriek from the crustacean causing more blood to pump out of his body. Rearing his arm back. Kumasogami thrust the blade into Destoroyah's chest, the tip bursting at the end of his back. Destoroyah coughed up gallons of blood from his mouth that spilled to the ground staining the sand below. Destoroyah starred at Kumasogami who was smiling in pleasure knowing victory for him was nearing.

All of a sudden rather then feeling displeasure. Destoroyah in return smiled with an evil look. Confused, before Kumasogami could figure out why Destoroyah was acting this way. He suddenly vanished into various tiny particles. Kumasogami's eyes widen in shock. Where had his foe vanished too?

His answer suddenly came from a shriek above. He didn't have time to look when he felt himself being slammed to the ground and a hooked tail latched itself onto his neck before feeling like he was being dragged, in fact he actually was!

Turning his head, he found his culprit. It was his foe... Or at least resembled the mutant crustacean. It looked exactly the same except it was smaller and its shape was much more different. This time it resembled like that of a demonic bat. The flying form of Destoroyah cackled evilly enjoying his foes struggles to free himself.

Kumasogami violently struggled to free himself from Destoroyah's grasp but it was no use. The hooked tail was locked on heavily. Pulling his arms out, Kumasogami grasped his hands onto his foes tail hoping a burning sensation from his body would force Destoroyah to free him. Unfortunately though, Destoroyah felt no such thing as his armor proved to offer some protection. Realizing he was out of options. Kumasogami did the only thing he knew to get out of this.

Destoroyah continued to drag his foe around only to let out a screech of pain when he felt something sharp cut off the tip of his tail. Turning to look, he saw both where the tip of his hooked tail use to sit as blood squirted out and Kumasogami tumbling a bit having gotten out of Destoroyah's grasp thanks to his bladed arm. Sure it was nothing quite serious for Destoroyah himself but what concerned him was that his foe had freed himself now.

Kumasogami took his time to regain himself. Having been dragged around for a bit groggled his mind. Once he finally got stable conscious back. He pulled himself up to his two feet and watched as the flying form of Destoroyah flew towards him.

Kumasogami was ready to attack only for Destoroyah to dive down and blast his beam. Sparks flew as Kumasogami almost fell on one knee but caught himself. Looking, he saw Destoroyah flying straight at him again. Raising his blade, he swung the moment the Precambrian crustacean was within reach only to miss by a few inches. Quickly the molten damnation latched out his arm to grab Destoroyah by the tail hoping to have him at his mercy however to the prehistoric crustacean's luck, Kumasogami missed once again.

Destroyoyah screeched unleashing his purplish energy beam on and off crisscrossing them across the desert sand which covered Kumasogami's surroundings upon being blasted up by the force of the beam impacts. The molten demon waved his arms around trying to get all the sand dust out of his view so he could find where his foe was but to no avail. Looking around, Destoroyah was no where in sight for the moment. Kumasogami watched on cautiously squinting his eyes to get better view to where the Precambrian crustacean went to. Suddenly he felt himself being struck causing him to stagger before a beam rained down hitting him in the side toppling him. As he pulled himself up. More beams washed over his body then being rammed hard from behind. Kumasogami roared out collapsing face first.

The demon lord was starting to get frusterated. If he wanted to have a good chance of hitting his foe. He'd have to focus on sound rather then sight as he jumped onto his feet. For him though, that option was then thrown out when the dust began to clear up and Kumasogami spotted Destoroyah.

Deciding to take his time and focus. Kumasogami reverted his hands before aiming his arrows. While the first two ended up missing, the last arrow manage to slam into Destoroyah's face washing his face in a small shower of sparks. Destoroyah screeched in pain falling to the ground below leaving an impact crater.

As fast as he could. Kumasogami rushed towards his fallen opponent not wanting to give him the chance to recover but as soon as he made it there. Destoroyah once again vanished just before Kumasogami could slam his foot down. The demon lord roared out angrily knowing from past experience he his foe was nowhere close to dead. Suddenly the ground below him erupted as multiple Aggregate forms of Destoroyah burst out. Startled by this, Kumasogami tried to engage only for the them to quickly latch onto Kumasogami's body and crawl all over him.

Kumasogami violently shook himself to get them off but it was no use since the small creatures kept themselves anchored pounding their claws across Kumasogami's body continuing with their assault.

The demonic lord tried to keep himself standing, soon though the combined weight of the Aggregate Destoroyah's forced him to collapse to the ground as they kept attacking. Kumasogami continued to struggle not willing to surrender defeat while still fighting back; With a heave, Kumasogami grabbed a hold of one of them by the neck and squeezed crushing its windpipe killing it before with his other arm turned back to a blade swish it across beheading two others. The others witnessing the death of the other Aggregates soon quickly got off not wanting to risk the chance of being killed before forming back together into the final form of Destoroyah fully intact with his wing and arm that he lost during the fight earlier.

Destoroyah slowly approached at the down Kumasogami placing a foot down on his chest and starred down at him with a cold glare hoping to finish him right here. Before Destoroyah could do anything. Kumasogami formed his hands back to normal and grabbed Destoroyah's foot swinging it causing the him to fall to the ground next to the molten damnation as he shrieked with rage.

In an instant. Kumasogami was the quicker of the two be back up and reached down grabbing Destoroyah by the back of his skull to behead him but Destoroyah brought out his tail latching the hooked end onto his head. The demon lord attempted to pry it off but didn't have the chance to as Destoroyah reared himself up and in a showcase of strength tossed Kumasogami hundreds of feet away.

Kumasogami could hear his foe quickly approaching him. He only had time to be back up when Destoroyah jabbed his horn into Kumasogami's rock like skin piercing it through his shoulder. While greatly caused deep pain as his roar of agony shown, the same went for Destoroyah as he shrieked pulling his horn back out covered in hot magma which in fact was actually Kumasogami's life blood.

The Lord of Hell itself was amused chuckling. It seemed his foe had severely underestimated him not knowing unlike most monsters. His 'blood' was far different compared to others.

The pain finally ceased when Destoroyah's howls of agony ended. His horn was still very intact and useful in battle but he'd keep in mind trying to cut into his foe. Destoroyah may have been in lava before but for some reason this lava was an unknown kind. Suddenly Destoroyah shrieked out when Kumasogami didn't give him a chance to resume back with their fight as with a swish of his blade left a deep gash across his chest forcing green blood to splatter out coating Kumasogami with it. Some of it getting into his mouth which to him actually tasted delicious...

The two resumed with their fight as they collided with bodies against one another pushing their weights. Being the taller and heavier out of the two. Destoroyah manage to be the one to take advantage and decided to take advantage of this. Smiling evilly, the Precambrian crustacean grasped harder onto his foe and lifted off into the air holding onto him.

Kumasogami's eyes widened with shock! Suddenly he found himself being taken off the earth. Looking down he and his foe was hundreds of meters above the desert. He wasn't even too sure what to do. Even if he did free himself, there's possible chance he could die upon impact from falling but at the same time his foe might be ready to do something worst to him. He quickly wiped that thought out of his head. He doubted that he'd die from falling considering his durability against countless of powerful foes he's faced and survived throughout the thousands of years he has been alive. He was also Kumasogami, not just the Lord of Hell itself but even once having been a God of the Kumaso Kingdom. He wasn't about to let this mutant mistake take everything away from him he's gone out his way to get back. He has gone this far!

As Destoroyah continued to soar above grasping Kumasogami. The molten damnation suddenly broke one of his arms free and jabbed his blade into Destoroyah's side forcing the mutant crustacean to wail out and let go of him as the two began to pummel down towards the earth. As the two continued to fall at a fast rate to the earth below. Destoroyah tried to gain flight but being close enough to him, Kumasogami used momentum and sliced his blade at one of Destoroyah's wings crippling it earning another painful shriek the the Precambrian horror.

Within moments the two landed in an earth shattering collision that left an crater impact in their wake. As everything cleared up. Destoroyah was the only one back on his feet and looked to see Kumasogami still laying on the ground. Believing his foe to have been knocked out by the impact. Destoroyah cackled. He was going to teach and finish this foe for ever messing with him in the first place.

As he towered above Kumasogami. Destoroyah was ready to swing his horn down to deliver the fatal blow...

Unknown to Destoroyah though being too occupied with finishing off his seemingly unconscious foe. He had fallen into Kumasogami's trap as one of his hands shape shifted into that of a medievil mace. Suddenly Kumasogami sprung up and jumped onto Destoroyah catching him off-guard not expecting his foe to be fully conscious. Before the fall. Kumasogami pretended to be unconscious so he could lure Destoroyah and take advantage of him. This time Kumasogami wasn't going to give him a chance to retaliate.

Pinning his foe down to the ground. Kumasogami began to slam his mace like hand against Destoroyah's face. Destoroyah tried to attack back but his foe proved to strike much faster at this point as he continued to pummel him in the face with his powerful blows. Destoroyah could suddenly feel darkness starting to eat away at him as he neared unconsciousness. For every strike Kumasogami's mace like hand struck him, the more power there was behind it.

In a matter of a few minutes. Kumasogami stopped himself from what he was doing as he looked at Destoroyah's pummeled face. Teeth that were broken off were missing from his jaw and blood oozed out in various spots where the armor and skin on his got were pierced. To Kumasogami's surprise. Destoroyah still had conscious in him but barely as he let out a low moaned cackle mostly of hate for being defeated like this. Not taking the chance for his foe to recover and putting more strength to his mace. Kumasogami swung it one last time as lights went out for Destoroyah.

Kumasogami breathed in heavy pants from the whole ordeal. He had done it. He's defeated this impersonator that was taking on his appearance as the devil however one thing he knew deep down due to his intense fight with him was that Destoroyah wasn't truly dead yet. It was now all or nothing to get ready to finally get rid of him from the face of the earth for good.

Kumasogami would have had a second option not popped up...

It was an evil thought that came into Kumasogami's mind. Something he should've honestly done in the first place since this fight began. A fate far worst then death itself. Why had he never tried doing this in the first place?

With an sinister smile. Kumasogami grabbed Destoroyah's prone form by the tail before summoning a portal to his realm dragging his defeated foe to the depths of Hell itself before sealing up closing the gateway connection between it and earth.


Darkness faded away as Destoroyah slowly regained conscious. Where was he? What had happened. The last he remembered was fighting this foe just as demonic looking as him? Was it just a dream? He couldn't recall at all... Suddenly his eyes widened with horror as he looked all around finding himself in an unfamiliar environment full of carnage and misery, flames and hellfire that surrounded everything along with the calls and screams of the lost souls trapped down here through what was Hell!

Destoroyah tried to move only to find he couldn't when he instantly realized he found himself heavily chained up and helpless. What was going on!? Destoroyah began to start shaking up panicking not knowing what to do completely confused. What was this feeling he had? Was this the same feeling he began experiencing like the very humans he enjoyed killing?

To Destoroyah's horror it was as for the first time once in his life he felt fear which he would forever suffer eternal damnation.

Not too far away Kumasogami sat in his throne enjoying the entertainment Destoroyah was experiencing. To him, this was without a doubt his greatest accomplishment, far better then what he planned to do to the very impersonator that was called the devil when there was a reason that title truly belonged to the Lord of Hell itself.

Winner: Kumasogami
Destoroyah vs. Kumasogami
My eighth kaiju match that I've done.

Up next: Dagahra vs. Krystalak

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Edit: Honorable mention to :iconerickzilla: with this nice of piece artwork. ;)…
King Kong was depressed.

So depressed that he was sad, upset, miserable, and just couldn't think straight. Faro Island, his home island was gone, being nothing more than just a memory now. It was destroyed due to volcanic activities before sinking into the waves and the mighty ape was the only one to have supposedly survive, escaping the islands destruction. The natives who worshipped him and wildlife most likely perished, he wasn't too sure about his long time rival Gorosaurus though, for all he knew, the dinosaur too could have escaped but that mattered little to him.

The giant ape did not know how long he has been swimming in the sea as a powerful storm brew. He might as well live up the rest of his last moments swimming out in open water until he exhausts himself and sinks under the waves since everything was gone now.

That's when fatigue began to takeover coursing through his veins, every muscle in King Kong's body began to stop exhausted from the long voyage. So this was how it was going to end? King Kong accepted his fate.

Sinking below the waves, the eighth wonder of the world slowly sank to the abyss below...


Darkness faded away as King Kong opened his eyes. Was he dead? Pulling himself up, he looked down at his hands before touching himself and then examining the rest of his body to see if he really was. Seeing that he wasn't. He was relief to be alive but where was he? Looking around, he happen to found himself on some sort of island which shocked Kong. Having lived where he grew up since he was a baby, he always figured the whole outside world was nothing but ocean but looks like he was wrong, the force of the storm must of swept his body here.

This could perhaps be his new home and the start of a new life. Hope fulfilled in him once more, but first thing was to get out of this storm until it ceased and so headed into the deep jungles to find shelter.

Little did King Kong know was that he was on the very grounds of an unwelcoming inhabitant...


Stomping through the pliverage of trees and underbrush that bent down against his gigantic feet, Red King fumed not caring about the storm that was happening, days ago, once more he had been defeated by the hands of the Hero of Light known as Ultraman and it infuriated him. Never once could he win against him, all Red King wanted to do now was head back to his cave and get some rest after taking a stroll through his island territory.

That's when he stumbled upon something that greatly angered him. An intruder on his own island territory! From his very eyes he spotted King Kong resting under various thick trees. Red King would not stand for this! Grabbing a large boulder, lifting it over his head and heaving it back, he tossed it right at King Kong.

Before King Kong knew it, he felt the force of the boulder crashing against his body breaking into hundreds of pieces, shrieking in pain, the primate fell on his back with a heavy thud before getting onto his feet instantly. Looking to see who was responsible, he spotted his culprit who was raising his arms and roaring at him angrily. Face scowled, the ape wasn't about to let this reptile pest get away with harming him.

Both monsters roared out a challenge.

Charging forth towards one another, both King Kong and Red King neared every inch until they were both within reach, King Kong pulled back his fist and swung it only for Red King to instantly grab a hold of it with his own hand clenching it. The apes eyes widened with shock, he's never met a creature of equal size to him stalemate him in strength. King Kong tried to break his hand free but the reptilian brute kept it firmed. Ready to return the favor, Red King swung his other arm only for King Kong to be the one this time grabbing his fist. Both their fists locked against one another, they began to try pushing back against the other as at the moment they were in a stalemate of brute strength alone, dirt and rocks flying in the air as both titans feet skidded against the ground.

Red King broke the stalemate the moment he decided to play dirty. Before King Kong knew, the reptile let one of his hands go catching the mighty ape off guard before swinging his fist up hitting King Kong under his chin forcing him to stagger back. King Kong didn't have time to recover when Red King charged forth and continued to pummel the eighth wonder of the world with a barrage of punches. Each hit forced the ape to take one step back as he felt the reptiles scaly fists hit his body.

Out of nowhere King Kong latched out his hand and grabbed Red King's fist. Eyes widened Red King was suddenly lifted up into the air and swung over Kong's shoulder as he was sent flying crashing to the ground with a heavy thud leaving a crater under him.

Red King was about to pull himself up when King Kong was on him. Pressing a foot down to keep his foe anchored. King Kong roared out as he clenched his fists and brought them down each strike hitting Red King in the back of his head. The blows from the ape were extremely powerful. Red King could feel the pain of them as it even traveled to the front of his head making him all groggily as he groaned. If he didn't do anything right now there could be that chance his foe could shatter the back of his skull.

Focusing, Red King brought one of his elbows up bashing it against King Kong's gut. The single blow of it was enough to get King Kong off him as wind was knocked out from his lungs.

Back on his feet. Red King approached the gorilla hoping to make his foe pay for humiliating him. Ultraman, his arch-nemesis doing it to him is one thing but when it comes to a random creature like King Kong. It was an easy thing to enrage Red King regardless of if they didn't know him or not.

Thunder continued to boom and rain kept splashing against the two titan bodies as Red King placed a hand on the top of King Kong's head and brought his face down to the ground with a hard hit forcing the ape to kiss the dirt.

Letting his hand go. Red King was about to reach down again only for King Kong to grab him by the leg pulling it forcing Red King to fall on his back.

Red King hit the back of his head so hard upon falling. He looked dizzy and dazed as he soon saw King Kong standing over him. Red King braced himself as King Kong forced the reptile brute onto his front and grabbed him by his tail. Red King found himself being lifted off the ground as King Kong began to build momentum and speed twirling his foe's body around and around swinging the reptile faster and faster for each turn he completed. Red King felt like he was going to vomit or gag as he became more dizzy in the process the world around him literally becoming a blur through his eyes.

King Kong finally let go as he watched Red King soar into the air at a mountainside crashing against it. As Red King's body rolled back down to the ground. Red King only had time to regain conscious as he saw a rock slide made from his impact come tumbling down towards him. The next thing he knew it was being covered from head to toe.

King Kong cautiously approached where his foe had been buried wanting to make sure he had been defeated. After waiting for a few moments. Nothing had stirred up at this point. Expecting his foe to have been defeated. King Kong roared in victory now that had been out of the way.

Satisfied with his victory. King Kong turned to return to his shelter once more only for the pile of rocks to explode behind him as Red King suddenly jumped out latching onto King Kong's back and bit down into his shoulder drawing blood. King Kong roared out in pain as he tried to dislodge the reptile off of him going as far as shaking himself but Red King held on firmly sinking his teeth deeper into the apes flesh while having his arms wrapped around his neck to keep King Kong steady.

Out of options. King Kong charged backwards ramming his foe into the mountain side forcing Red King off as King Kong backed away to keep his distance enraged to know the fight has yet to have ended.

Red King roared out at Kong when he decided to pick up one of the boulders from the rock slide that buried him and tossing it at the primate only for him to grab the boulder and toss it back at Red King who in turn caught the boulder in time before hitting him. Red King threw the boulder back at King Kong but unfortunately for him. His foe caught it again once more throwing it back again. This continued to go on back and forth for a short moment until Red King finally was getting annoyed by this. Upon grabbing the boulder being tossed to him again. Red King pulled the boulder back behind his head and threw it harder this time hoping that by making it faster it might increase the chances of hitting King Kong before he can even react. What the reptile just didn't expect the ape to do though is something different this time.

With relative ease; King Kong instantly pulverized the flying boulder into thousands of smaller pieces with his fist. Red King grabbed and tossed another only for the ape to do the same thing again. Feeling this wasn't working out. Red King charged with Kong Kong following suit. Once both were within range. They grappled with one another turning their bodies as trees were crushed under their feet. King Kong freed one of his hands and brought his fist down hitting Red King in the side hoping to shatter his ribs but the reptiles ridged hide proved to offer some descent protection against it.

Red King grabbed a hold of the hand that punched his side before placing his other hand on it and squeezed with all his might hoping to breaking Kong's fist. King Kong however didn't give him that chance as the gorilla headbutted him in the face bloodying Red King's nose who grunted painfully. Grabbing Red King by the nape of the neck. King Kong lifted him off his feet with one hand and held him into the air ready to punch him only for Red King plant both of his feet against King Kong's chest with a swift push making Kong loosen his grip letting Red King go.

The two just gazed at each other at the moment being nothing more then a stand-off. Neither was able to overpower being equal in strength. King Kong decided to change that by ripping a large tree trunk next to him out from the ground and made his way towards Red King.

Red King tried to react but King Kong brought out his arm, latched his hairy hand to Red King's throat and attempted to shove the tree trunk down into his throat to choke the reptile brute. Red King tried everything in his might to stop the ape from proceeding on forcing the trunk down into his mouth trying to pull back as he staggered a bit while making gurgling gagging sounds for how closer King Kong was to succeeding.

But that didn't happen as Red King bit down with his jaws snapping the tree trunk in half. This caught King Kong off by surprised as he stepped back holding the now half tree trunk in his hands as Red King spat out the broken pieces and roared out.

Kong tossed away the half tree trunk before he and Red King both charged again and proceeded to pummel each other blow after blow with their fists, each one causing the other to keep staggering back with equally physical powerful strikes. The moment ended when they both each threw out their clenched fists at the same time and clashed them against the other. Both their strength so immense that their surroundings shook temporary.

Not only had their surroundings shook though, the force of their clashing fists forced both monsters to skidded meters away from each other. Regaining themselves at the same time they both engaged once more but this time Red King decided to unleash his ultimate weapon.

King Kong was about to continue his fight with Red King when something caught his attention from his foe. His foe's hands burst into flames and had no time to respond when Red King swung one of his flaming fists smacking the ape across the face leaving a burnt mark. Another strike to his chest left another with some of the flames getting caught on King Kong's fur. King Kong was sent toppling to the ground. Red King smelt the scent of burnt flesh on his foe's body and some patches of his fur were also burned away by the flames that got caught onto it. Smiling in evil glee. Red King made his way towards King Kong.

Before Red King could take advantage of his now downed opponent. Kong kicked out one of his feet hitting Red King's kneecap causing the reptile to roar out in pain. The ape was soon back up determined to continue fighting as he tackled Red King to the ground.

The two fell to the earth wrestling with one another trying to overpower the other as they rolled around not knowing they were nearing a cliff side before tumbling down, this mattered little to them as they continued to roll down grappling each other.

Once they reached the ground. The combined weight of the two left an impact crater and rocks and dirt skyrocketing into the air, their surroundings covered over them with dust from the beach sand. As the dust cleared away. Both monsters were on the ground separated from each other, each gasping for breath. No matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't overpower the other, but that mattered little to them. Both would not stop until either killed the other.

In an instant. Red King pulled himself up which to his luck made the quicker recovery, Red King could probably thank his reptilian physicality for that. Seeing how his opponent was still trying to recover on the other hand placed Red King now at the advantage. This fight has gone on long enough. Red King was going to finish this right here and right now.

Red King towered over King Kong as he raised his reptilian foot ready to finish the ape once and for all. This monkey made a big mistake having came to his island.

Fate however had other plans in mind...

The clouds above the two monsters began to darken more, the clouds began to swirl rapidly and before they knew it. Within a blink of an eye, a bolt of lightning came striking down. Red King yelped jumping out of harm's way as the bolt struck King Kong. At first Red King expected his foe to have been killed by it but moments later his foe finally began stirring shocking Red King. How was his foe still alive!? He couldn't believe his eyes!

King Kong rose as electricity coursed through his body, muscles began to bulge out of his body as the mighty primate roared out as he charged. Red King raised his fists to defend himself but with ease. Kong swatted his hands away before pulling a fist back and striking Red King in the jaw sparks flying from it for each hit Kong delivered at Red King. Desperate Red King tried to fight back but for some reason he wasn't able to. It was like the bolt of lightning had all of a sudden made his foe much stronger! His foes strength was so immense now it put his to shame. The reptile couldn't remember the last time a foe like this gave him such trouble. The only thing he recalled was his nemesis Ultraman giving him this much punishment.

King Kong hoisted Red King up into the air over his head as his foe struggled wildly to free himself. Heaving back, King Kong threw Red King hundreds of meters away face first into the beach's hand.

Red King groaned as he weakly pulled himself up. He decided if he continued to fight, it was guarantee he would die. He knew what was the best choice and that was to give up his island and escape with his life.

A chance King Kong wouldn't give him.

Just as Red King was on his two feet and had a chance to make a run for it. Red King felt the blow from King Kong's fist hit him in the back of the head staggering him forwards toppling him back down to the sandy beach. Red King rolled to his front to try and make one last escape but before he could. Kong was on him. Now that his foe was at his mercy. The mighty ape grasped his massive hands over Red King's head before plunging his thumbs into the reptile's eyes gorging them out. Red King screamed out in agony at the loss of his sight forever but that wasn't the worst to come.

King Kong began to pump electricity into Red King's skull. Red King's body twitched and spasm spontaneously as the reptile's last reserves of energy were his screams of agony that pierced the heavens. Smoke flowed out from Red King's mouth and nostrils as the insides of his head were being burnt from the inside and out. His struggles soon began to grow weaker at every passing second before with a sickening crush. King Kong pressed his hands forward caving in Red King's skull instantly killing the reptile brute.

Getting himself off of his now dead foe. King Kong looked down at the unrecognizable charred face of what was once Red King as smoke continued to steam out from the now massive opening where Red King's face once laid.

With the battle finally over. Kong looked up at the stormy dark sky as rain continued to pour on him beating his chest in victory roaring out to not just the island but the entire world about his win and his new home he had claimed from the once former ruler.

Winner: King Kong
King Kong vs. Red King
I know its probably been a while since I submitted a match on here but hopefully this will make up for my long absence for all you readers and great way to end the year. Enjoy my twenty-sixth kaiju match I've done. I can definitely promise you my next match will surely deliver. ;)

Up next: Desghidorah vs. Grand King Ghidorah

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King Ghidorah


This is an Death Battle/DBX idea I've rather grown fond lately and thought why not sell the idea to someone who'd be interested. Many would honestly be very surprised how similar both King Ghidorah and Frieza are.

Both are genocidal destructive beings feared throughout the galaxies who conquers and destroys planets (Frieza completely obliterates them, King Ghidorah just leaves them uninhabitable wiping out all life), have cyborg forms (Mecha-King Ghidorah, Mecha Frieza) and are in some ways golden (Most incarnations of King Ghidorah are gold, Frieza has a form that makes him gold). Moreover they're highly arrogant and self-assured which tends to lead to their downfall most times.

Now some might say it's one-sided in Frieza's favor. True but not unless you composite King Ghidorah who I believe would scale to composite Godzilla who is Solar System-Multi-Solar System, which I believe normal Frieza is around at (Barring Golden Frieza of course). Whoever decides to do this, up to you whether you want to add Golden Frieza but unless you want it close, I wouldn't recommend it.

Anyways though. Whoever wants to claim this. Be the first to comment. ;)

Edit: Sold to :iconquaidabc:


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Hey, Mike. Are you okay? I haven't seen you around in DB Wiki since Hulk vs DD came out.
HeroMan66475 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hi dude! Wanna have a chat? And are you DeathBattleMike in the wiki? I also found an opponent for Naraku, well two opponents for him.
Warlordgab Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016
SPOILERS: the anvil is coming back!!! Ken from Street Fighter will be in the next Death Battle
MikeSpikester11 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016
Yep I know. Assuming he's being pit against Sub-Zero that is...
Warlordgab Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016
I can already see how bad they'll downgrade him! :worry:

Balrog's punches hurt him so to keep appearances (Cammy Vs. Sonya), they'll make Ken a glass canon with elephant level durability! They'll totally ignore how his flaming shoryuken once punched the evilness out of Ryu!! The Anvil will stomp again!!! :fear:
finalmaster24 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
Hey, what is your idea for Regular Show ending?
Warlordgab Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
Beware of Pillar level Sonya in Death Battle
Yep...I heard...

Seriously Death Battle start getting your shit together! Rage 
Warlordgab Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
It's was so simple...

"Test your might" = Breaking concrete = breaking concrete pillars = instant win
MikeSpikester11 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
Despite ignoring Cammy's superior feats and scaling to stronger characters like Town level Chun-Li. At this point I feel Death Battle isn't even trying anymore...
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